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Lisa & Dylan's wedding

Written by Angela Penn on February 2nd, 2018.      0 comments

You should always have a plan B if it's wet and it helps if you have two cool customers who don't mind changing things around at the last minute!  Instead of the ceremony at the gardens, Lisa & Dylan just met before their ceremony to have a few sneaky photos.  Just them. Oh and me.  :)arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0008arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0009arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0010arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0011arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0012arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0013arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0014arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0015arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0016arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0017arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0018arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0019arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0020arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0021arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0022arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0023arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0024arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0025arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0026arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0027

*Insert crazy vows here*
arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0028arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0029arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0030arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0031arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0032arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0033arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0034arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0035arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0036arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0037arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0038arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0039arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0040arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0041arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0042arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0043arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0044arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0045arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0046arts centre wedding photographer christchurch 0047

Photographer - Angela Penn, Ladybug Photography
Flowers - Febella flowers http://www.febellaflowers.co.nz/
Celebrant - Chris Jones  https://iwedu.co.nz/
Dresses (bride's and bridesmaids') - Christine Reeves  www.christinereeves.co.nz/
Suits - Sergios
Boys/ haircuts and beard trims from Frederick Woodwards barber shop  https://www.woodwards.co.nz/
Girls' hair was by Monique Woods (bridesmaids) and Alex hopkins at Dinh Collective https://www.dinhcollective.com @moniquewoodshairstyling and @alexhopkinshairstyling 
Makeup done by Lisa's friend, Marcella (amazing!)
Cake - alana smith cakes  www.alanasmithcakes.co.nz/
Shoes - Overland (bridesmaids') and Mi Piaci (bride's) 

Newborn baby Nate

Written by Angela Penn on January 16th, 2018.      0 comments

"And she loved a little boy very very much, even more than she loved herself" - Shel Silverstein

newborn photographer christchurch 0001newborn photographer christchurch 0003newborn photographer christchurch 0004newborn photographer christchurch 0005newborn photographer christchurch 0006newborn photographer christchurch 0007newborn photographer christchurch 0008newborn photographer christchurch 0009newborn photographer christchurch 0010newborn photographer christchurch 0011newborn photographer christchurch 0012newborn photographer christchurch 0013newborn photographer christchurch 0014newborn photographer christchurch 0015newborn photographer christchurch 0016

The fun Finn family! (Including Rosie the dog)

Written by Angela Penn on December 12th, 2017.      0 comments

These guys were so much fun to shoot! We had grand hopes for the dog to be in lots more photos but hey, we were at a park and Rosie wanted none of that 'sitting down with the family' business!  
outdoor family photography christchurch 0002outdoor family photography christchurch 0003outdoor family photography christchurch 0004outdoor family photography christchurch 0005outdoor family photography christchurch 0001outdoor family photography christchurch 0006

Baby Kyla - Cambridge Lifestyle shoot

Written by Angela Penn on December 8th, 2017.      0 comments

I headed up to Hamilton & Cambridge recently for a couple of photo shoots - mum Brenda had an awesome helper in big sister Kaylee and her wee sister simply adores her!
lifestyle photography cambridge 0001lifestyle photography cambridge 0002lifestyle photography cambridge 0004lifestyle photography cambridge 0005lifestyle photography cambridge 0006lifestyle photography cambridge 0007lifestyle photography cambridge 0008lifestyle photography cambridge 0009lifestyle photography cambridge 0010lifestyle photography cambridge 0011lifestyle photography cambridge 0012lifestyle photography cambridge 0013lifestyle photography cambridge 0014


Written by Angela Penn on November 24th, 2017.      0 comments

This gorgeous wee dot came to visit a while back and I'm so happy to be able to show you her beautiful photos!

If you're thinking of getting professional photos taken of your baby, don't wait until they're walking (coz it's way too hard to try and shoot them when all they want to do it run away!).  Sitter sessions are my absolute favourite age as they stay (reasonably) still, they usually are quite happy to sit and give me gorgeous smiles and they haven't normally reached that 9 month old I-NEED-TO-SEE-MUM-EVERY-WAKING-MINUTE stage where mum inevitably ends up in every single photo (or her hand at least!).  Anyway any age is great to get photos taken but sitters are THE BEST!!!

baby sitting up photography christchurch 0001
baby sitting up photography christchurch 0004baby sitting up photography christchurch 0002baby sitting up photography christchurch 0005baby sitting up photography christchurch 0007baby sitting up photography christchurch 0009baby sitting up photography christchurch 0010baby sitting up photography christchurch 0011

Newborn Baby Mila

Written by angela penn on October 24th, 2017.      0 comments

This gorgeous wee poppet is part of my Baby Grow Programme and had her first session a couple of weeks ago. I'm so looking forward to seeing her growing and getting to know her lovely family a bit better! I've already had Mila's two cousins through for their Baby Grow sessions so we're certainly keeping it in the family!

watch my baby grow christchurch 0001watch my baby grow christchurch 0002watch my baby grow christchurch 0003watch my baby grow christchurch 0004

I've said this in my previous blog post, but I love wrapping up a baby then letting them stretch and wake up naturally as they unwrap themselves. I find it so much more natural looking than all the posed, wrapped shots. Love them. 
watch my baby grow christchurch 0005watch my baby grow christchurch 0006

Baby Jett

Written by angela penn on October 20th, 2017.      0 comments

What a cutie-pie! Jett arrived with his mum and dad, dog Hendrix, grandma and great auntie! It was a packed studio but wee Jett was a superstar and slept most of the time and we got some absolutely awesome shots.  I don't know about you, but I love the more natural shots, where mum and dad can't stop smiling at each other, and the wonder of what they've just created is so evident on their faces. I also love the more natural baby shots too - I don't like anything too contrived and posed - I prefer to wrap baby up, take a few shots then unwrap him and capture all those beautiful stretches and yawns as they unfold. x

natural newborn photography christchurch 0002natural newborn photography christchurch 0001natural newborn photography christchurch 0003natural newborn photography christchurch 0004natural newborn photography christchurch 0005natural newborn photography christchurch 0013natural newborn photography christchurch 0006natural newborn photography christchurch 0007natural newborn photography christchurch 0010natural newborn photography christchurch 0008natural newborn photography christchurch 0012natural newborn photography christchurch 0011

Harper's newborn session

Written by Angela Penn on September 1st, 2017.      0 comments

Beautiful wee Harper was in the studio recently for her newborn shoot - 5 days old! I love when babies have loads of hair!  Harper is booked in for the Baby Grow programme so keep an eye out on my Facebook page for more adorable images. 

newborn photography christchurch 0001newborn photography christchurch 0002newborn photography christchurch 0003newborn photography christchurch 0004newborn photography christchurch 0005newborn photography christchurch 0006newborn photography christchurch 0007newborn photography christchurch 0010newborn photography christchurch 0009newborn photography christchurch 0008


The Thelnings

Written by Angela Penn on July 7th, 2017.      0 comments

Andrea took advantage of a beautiful Autumn afternoon to get some updated images of her children, as a gift for her husband.  We shot up at Old School Reserve in Mt Pleasant and it was just that - very pleasant! These children would have to be some of the best behaved children ever and I LOVE shooting them!  <3

christchurch outdoor family photographer 0006christchurch outdoor family photographer 0001christchurch outdoor family photographer 0003christchurch outdoor family photographer 0004christchurch outdoor family photographer 0005
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Billie - newborn

Written by Angela Penn on June 9th, 2017.      0 comments

Billie!!! You gorgeous wee thing!
christchurch newborn baby photographer 0015christchurch newborn baby photographer 0014christchurch newborn baby photographer 0001christchurch newborn baby photographer 0002christchurch newborn baby photographer 0003christchurch newborn baby photographer 0006christchurch newborn baby photographer 0007christchurch newborn baby photographer 0005christchurch newborn baby photographer 0004christchurch newborn baby photographer 0008christchurch newborn baby photographer 0009christchurch newborn baby photographer 0011christchurch newborn baby photographer 0010christchurch newborn baby photographer 0012christchurch newborn baby photographer 0013

The NZ Woman (Andrea Roberts)

Written by Angela Penn on June 3rd, 2017.      0 comments

This week in the studio I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful and very lovely Andrea from The NZ Woman. I have a feeling we could have chatted all day but the school pickup was calling and we had to go our separate ways. Andrea is a wealth of social media information and has an awesome blog where she's recently interviewed The Bachelor's Matilda Rice.  Here are a few images from our shoot! Click here to read Matilda's interview. x

christchurch glamour photographer 0001christchurch glamour photographer 0002christchurch glamour photographer 0003christchurch glamour photographer 0004christchurch glamour photographer 0005

Sam & Nathan's wet and wonderful Melton Estate wedding

Written by Angela Penn on April 7th, 2017.      0 comments

I know most couples pray for big blue sunshine filled skies on their wedding day but rain can make for some awesome, epic photos so as long as the couple are up for getting a bit soaked, then I'm in rain-drenched heaven! I'm talking about the creative shots after the ceremony, of course!  Ideally, it would be dry for the ceremony and the group photos but once everyone is nicely tucked up inside the venue, drink in hand, you really want the skies to open up and for some serious drizzle to happen.  Well, as you will see from these images, the skies did not disappoint!

wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0001wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0002wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0005wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0004wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0006wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0003wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0007wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0008wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0009wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0010wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0011wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0012

There's always a bit of Youtubing when it's time to put the buttonholes on
wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0013

And then it was time to go to Sam's mum's place to shoot the beautiful bride!
wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0014wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0015wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0016wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0017wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0018wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0019wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0020
wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0021

Aargh - so beautiful, Sam! x
wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0022wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0023

And now off to the venue where Tracy from Melton Estate always does an amazing job!
wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0025wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0024wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0026wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0027wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0028wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0029wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0030wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0031wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0032wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0033wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0034wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0035wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0036

See what I mean about epic rain shot??!!! I'm still squealing like a little girl at these shots!!!!!
wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0037

Ok so here's the difference some lighting can make.  The top image was where my speedlight didn't fire. I was click WAY too fast for it to keep up!  And you can SO see the difference a bit of backlighting makes - it picks up every wee rain drop.  I LOVES ME SOME BACKLIGHTING!
42wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0043wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0038wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0039wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0040wedding photography christchurch melton estate venue 0041


Photographer - Angela Penn
Celebrant – Julie Lasson

Cake – Just Desserts

Flowers – Ilam Florists

Dress – Wilkins Bridal

Suits – Sergios

Make up – Angela Minson

Hair – Michele Robertson (Balayage Hair) (My pick for vendors this wedding - Sam's hair looked AMAZING!)

Decorations – Something Borrowed Something New & Little Hire Company


Azalea's dance session

Written by Angela Penn on February 19th, 2017.      0 comments

You know what? I'm sick of dancing photos where the girl sticks her leg in the air to show how supple she is.  And it's usually accompanied by a big cheesy grin. Dancers are WAY more than cheesy grins and high kicks. A dancer has beautiful arms and hands. A dancer knows how to hold herself. A dancer knows how to be posed and they do EXACTLY what you ask them to do.  Dancers. Are. Awesome.

Here is the extremely awesome Azalea at our shoot on Friday. I love this girl!!!
dance photography christchurch 0001dance photography christchurch 0002

Me: now go en pointe and grab your ankles and turn your head towards me
Azalea: umm haha my hamstrings won't let me
dance photography christchurch 0003

This shot is completely impromptu - it was between shots (well, obviously not if I shot it!).
dance photography christchurch 0004dance photography christchurch 0005dance photography christchurch 0006dance photography christchurch 0007dance photography christchurch 0008dance photography christchurch 0009dance photography christchurch 0010dance photography christchurch 0011dance photography christchurch 0012dance photography christchurch 0013

If you're wanting a session with your aspiring dancer, please contact me angela@ladybugphotography.co.nz
I will bring out the best in your dancer - not all dancers are blessed with fantastic turn our and gorgeous feet. We will find what you're best at and showcase that. xxx

Maxine & Andrew's Rossendale wedding

Written by Angela Penn on February 11th, 2017.      0 comments

It was a beautifully hot summer's day when Maxine and Andrew said "I do" at St Michael's church.  This church is absolutely beautiful and so was the bride, who was flanked by her two sons as they walked her down the aisle.  Andrew's brother and daughters were his attendants and it was just perfect.
wedding photography christchurch 0001
wedding photography christchurch 0002
wedding photography christchurch 0003
wedding photography christchurch 0004
wedding photography christchurch 0005
wedding photography christchurch 0006
wedding photography christchurch 0007
wedding photography christchurch 0008
wedding photography christchurch 0037
wedding photography christchurch 0039
wedding photography christchurch 0009
wedding photography christchurch 0011
wedding photography christchurch 0012
wedding photography christchurch 0013
wedding photography christchurch 0014wedding photography christchurch 0015wedding photography christchurch 0016wedding photography christchurch 0017
wedding photography christchurch 0020
wedding photography christchurch 0018
wedding photography christchurch 0019
wedding photography christchurch 0021wedding photography christchurch 0022wedding photography christchurch 0023
wedding photography christchurch 0024wedding photography christchurch 0025
wedding photography christchurch 0026wedding photography christchurch 0027
wedding photography christchurch 0028wedding photography christchurch 0029
wedding photography christchurch 0030
wedding photography christchurch 0031
wedding photography christchurch 0032
wedding photography christchurch 0034
wedding photography christchurch 0035
wedding photography christchurch 0036
wedding photography christchurch 0040

Photographer - Angela Penn
Wedding dress - House of Chantilly - Lace & Grace
Jewellery - Grace & Lace
Rings - Michael Hill
Hair - David Palaamo, Greta Brennan, Rana Thomas
Makeup - Greer Mason, Kieran Growcott, Greta Brennan
Bridal car - Air Park Limousines
Bridal shoes & Bridesmaids dresses -  JJ Bridal
Suits - Munns
Kapahaka - Nga Manu a Tane (these guys were AWESOME!)
Bridal & reception flowers - Moffatt's
Church flowers - Andrea's
Cake - Vic's Kitchen
Invitation cards - Love Blossoms
Service booklet - Copy Print
Ceremony venue - St Michael's
Reception venue - Rossendale
DJ - Will Tafua
Reception table setting - Something Borrowed
Music equipment - Party Warehouse
Wedding night accommodation - The Elms Hotel

Maria & Julien's beautiful Cossars wedding

Written by Angela Penn on December 23rd, 2016.      0 comments

Maria & Julien got married on a beautiful, sunny day in November. I'd met them both before when I shot their engagement photos and you could tell straight away these two are perfect for each other.  Maria's giggly personality completely matches Julien's quiet nature and it was an absolute pleasure to shoot their wedding as well.

cossars wedding photography christchurch 0001cossars wedding photography christchurch 0002

During the speeches, it was mentioned that Maria likes to write "Maria is cool" everywhere so I was really glad I noticed this at Maria's mum's house earlier that day!
cossars wedding photography christchurch 0003cossars wedding photography christchurch 0004cossars wedding photography christchurch 0005cossars wedding photography christchurch 0006cossars wedding photography christchurch 0007cossars wedding photography christchurch 0008cossars wedding photography christchurch 0009cossars wedding photography christchurch 0010cossars wedding photography christchurch 0011

And over at the church the boys had just arrived.
cossars wedding photography christchurch 0012cossars wedding photography christchurch 0013cossars wedding photography christchurch 0014cossars wedding photography christchurch 0015cossars wedding photography christchurch 0016cossars wedding photography christchurch 0017cossars wedding photography christchurch 0018cossars wedding photography christchurch 0019cossars wedding photography christchurch 0020cossars wedding photography christchurch 0021cossars wedding photography christchurch 0022cossars wedding photography christchurch 0025cossars wedding photography christchurch 0024cossars wedding photography christchurch 0026-550cossars wedding photography christchurch 0027cossars wedding photography christchurch 0028cossars wedding photography christchurch 0029cossars wedding photography christchurch 0030cossars wedding photography christchurch 0032cossars wedding photography christchurch 0033cossars wedding photography christchurch 0034

At Cossars, it looked amazing.
cossars wedding photography christchurch 0035cossars wedding photography christchurch 0036cossars wedding photography christchurch 0037cossars wedding photography christchurch 0038cossars wedding photography christchurch 0039cossars wedding photography christchurch 0040cossars wedding photography christchurch 0041cossars wedding photography christchurch 0042cossars wedding photography christchurch 0043cossars wedding photography christchurch 0044cossars wedding photography christchurch 0045cossars wedding photography christchurch 0046

Meet Mac - 10 weeks old!

Written by Angela Penn on November 3rd, 2016.      0 comments

Everyone loves a baby but especially a lovely smiley baby!

Libby & Lachie came to see me last week for some photos of their gorgeous wee boy, Mac.  Check out his eyelashes!
baby photography christchurch 0001baby photography christchurch 0003baby photography christchurch 0005baby photography christchurch 0004baby photography christchurch 0002baby photography christchurch 0006baby photography christchurch 0009baby photography christchurch 0007baby photography christchurch 0011baby photography christchurch 0010

Alyssa & Madelyn

Written by Angela Penn on October 17th, 2016.      0 comments

I had these cuties in the studio a few weeks ago - they were fantastic! Alyssa has those beautiful big brown eyes and wee Madelyn slept like a star!
child & baby photography christchurch 0001child & baby photography christchurch 0003child & baby photography christchurch 0004child & baby photography christchurch 0002

Amy & Lachie get married!

Written by Angela Penn on October 16th, 2016.      0 comments

Amy is the queen of organisation and spreadsheets so you can imagine how difficult it must have been trying to arrange a wedding from Australia! This is where sister Meagan comes in, as well as lots of other friends and family! These guys are big on family and I lost count of the number of cousins at Amy & Lachie's wedding!  It was just awesome.

So last Saturday, on a beautiful Spring day, Amy and Lachlan said "I do" in the garden of their friends' property in front of their loved ones.

canterbury wedding photographer 0001

There was a willing helper wherever you looked... especially willing was Amy's dad who was on the ride-on mower most of the morning!
canterbury wedding photographer 0002

At the girls' camp...
canterbury wedding photographer 0003canterbury wedding photographer 0009canterbury wedding photographer 0010canterbury wedding photographer 0005canterbury wedding photographer 0006canterbury wedding photographer 0004canterbury wedding photographer 0007canterbury wedding photographer 0008canterbury wedding photographer 0011canterbury wedding photographer 0012canterbury wedding photographer 0013canterbury wedding photographer 0014canterbury wedding photographer 0015

And over at the boys' cottage, Lachie had just given Best Man JP, and Groomsman Jake, watches as gifts.
canterbury wedding photographer 0016

Lachie's sister makes sure he's looking sharp.
canterbury wedding photographer 0017canterbury wedding photographer 0018canterbury wedding photographer 0019canterbury wedding photographer 0020canterbury wedding photographer 0021canterbury wedding photographer 0022canterbury wedding photographer 0024canterbury wedding photographer 0025canterbury wedding photographer 0026canterbury wedding photographer 0027canterbury wedding photographer 0028canterbury wedding photographer 0029canterbury wedding photographer 0030canterbury wedding photographer 0031canterbury wedding photographer 0032-606canterbury wedding photographer 0033

So then we went into a neighbouring field where the bride decided to climb over the gate (we couldn't open it).  And she did it so elegantly!
canterbury wedding photographer 0035canterbury wedding photographer 0036canterbury wedding photographer 0038canterbury wedding photographer 0039canterbury wedding photographer 0040

Lachie and his nieces.
canterbury wedding photographer 0041canterbury wedding photographer 0043canterbury wedding photographer 0044canterbury wedding photographer 0045canterbury wedding photographer 0046canterbury wedding photographer 0047canterbury wedding photographer 0049canterbury wedding photographer 0050canterbury wedding photographer 0051canterbury wedding photographer 0054canterbury wedding photographer 0053

It's always good fun taking photos of people being photographed!
canterbury wedding photographer 0059

Just before the reception started, the sun came out again and we got some gorgeous light!
canterbury wedding photographer 0060canterbury wedding photographer 0061canterbury wedding photographer 0034
canterbury wedding photographer 0055canterbury wedding photographer 0056canterbury wedding photographer 0057canterbury wedding photographer 0063canterbury wedding photographer 0062canterbury wedding photographer 0064-638canterbury wedding photographer 0065

I heard that the guests partied way into the night!
canterbury wedding photographer 0066

canterbury wedding photographer 0058

Venue & onsite accommodation: Sean Dixon
Photographer: Angela Penn - Ladybug Photography
Hair: Nicole Wright - nicolejwright@yahoo.co.nz
Makeup: Melissa Jolly - Art & Soul Makeup by Melissa
Marquee hire: Party Warehouse
Reception supplies & setup: The Little Hire Company
Catering: Country Feasts
Flowers: Aromaunga Baxters Flowers


Kelly & Andrew's boys

Written by Angela Penn on October 5th, 2016.      0 comments

I have been shooting this beautiful family since Hadley was a baby and although these guys live a long way away from my studio in Mt Pleasant, they have been so loyal and lovely that they travel all the way to see me for photos every time they have a baby.  I am so grateful and this is why I love my job so much - my clients are SO lovely.

christchurch child & newborn photographer 0001

christchurch child & newborn photographer 0002

Baby Crew
christchurch child & newborn photographer 0004christchurch child & newborn photographer 0005

Andrew and the big boys.
christchurch child & newborn photographer 0006

And now the whole family! Aren't they gorgeous?!
christchurch child & newborn photographer 0007

christchurch child & newborn photographer 0008


Written by Angela Penn on October 1st, 2016.      0 comments

christchurch newborn photographer 0001christchurch newborn photographer 0007christchurch newborn photographer 0004christchurch newborn photographer 0008christchurch newborn photographer 0005christchurch newborn photographer 0006christchurch newborn photographer 0002christchurch newborn photographer 0003

Meet Angela

Angela Penn is a member of the NZIPP & qualified portrait photographer in Christchurch, New Zealand and is absolutely passionate about photographing people.



Contact Angela

Mob:   0274 887 544

Email:   hi@ladybug.nz

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