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emma & mike are engaged!

Written by Angela Penn on December 8th, 2013.      0 comments

I met up with Emma & Mike for their engagement shoot this week and we used gorgeous Taylor's Mistake as our backdrop. Fred, their fur baby came along for the ride and boy does he keep them on their toes!  Mike pretended he didn't like being in front of the camera but my camera knows better and Emma has THE most infectious giggle I've ever heard.  That giggle, is absolutely beautiful.
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0001engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0002

No, this isn't Mike.  I just snapped this poor guy as he was riding.  :)
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0003

Ah, here they are!
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0004engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0005engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0006engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0007engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0008engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0009engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0010engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0011

And wherever Mike & Emma are, Fred isn't far away.
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0012engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0013engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0014engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0015engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0017engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0018engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0019engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0022engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0023engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0025engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0028engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0029engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0030engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0032engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0033

Fred is looking for his biscuit. Hehe.
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0034

Can't wait to shoot your wedding guys - February is just around the corner!  x

Jo & Mark's Langdale Vineyard wedding

Written by Angela Penn on November 28th, 2013.      0 comments

Joanna & Mark are the kind of lovely souls that you know are meant to be together.  You can tell by the way they look at each other that their love is real and strong.  When I was going through their images I got goose bumps looking through their ceremony photos and the way Mark looks at Jo ... well it just melts my heart. You'd better just keep looking for yourself because my words don't do them justice.

christchurch wedding photographers 0001

When I got to Jo's parents' house a leisurely breakfast was going on.
christchurch wedding photographers 0002

So I snuck out to get some dress shots.  :)
christchurch wedding photographers 0004christchurch wedding photographers 0005christchurch wedding photographers 0003christchurch wedding photographers 0060

And then I find the couples' beautiful daughter, Isabella. She doesn't mind the camera, not one bit!
christchurch wedding photographers 0007
christchurch wedding photographers 0009christchurch wedding photographers 0010christchurch wedding photographers 0008

A bit of last-minute lippy...
christchurch wedding photographers 0011christchurch wedding photographers 0012christchurch wedding photographers 0013

Jo's best friend & bridesmaid, Michele.
christchurch wedding photographers 0014christchurch wedding photographers 0015christchurch wedding photographers 0017christchurch wedding photographers 0018christchurch wedding photographers 0021christchurch wedding photographers 0020christchurch wedding photographers 0022christchurch wedding photographers 0023christchurch wedding photographers 0024christchurch wedding photographers 0025christchurch wedding photographers 0026

And now it's time for me to see Mark at Langdale Vineyard Restaurant!
wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0004wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0001wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0002wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0003wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0092wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0090

Mark and his best man, Marty, have been friends since they were 3!  Now that's a friendship that has stood the test of time!
wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0006wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0007

Mark's gorgeous wee mum.
wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0008wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0009wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0010wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0011

And when wee Isabella arrives with Jo's mum Sarah, all eyes were on her and her daddy.
wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0012wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0013wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0014wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0015wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0016wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0017
wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0018
wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0019wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0020wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0021wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0023wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0024wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0022wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0026wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0027wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0029wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0028wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0030wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0031wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0032wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0034wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0035wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0036wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0037wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0038wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0039wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0040wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0041wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0042wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0045wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0043wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0044wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0046wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0047wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0049wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0050wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0051wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0052wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0053wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0054wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0055wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0066wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0056wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0059wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0060wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0061wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0063wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0062wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0064wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0067wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0071wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0070wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0091wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0068wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0069wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0065wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0076wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0077wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0078wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0079wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0081wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0083wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0072

Check out this shot of Mark, while I was photographing Jo.  He's absolutely stoked.  Love it.
wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0073wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0074wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0085wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0075wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0086wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0087wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0088wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0089

Jo & Mark, thank you SO much for asking me to shoot your wedding.  It was an absolute pleasure and an honour.  I can't wait to see where your lives will take you now.  Ang  x

PS if you'd like to see Jo & Mark's Christchurch Botanic Gardens engagement shoot, click here!

Photographer - Angela Penn
Jo’s dress;
Fabric from Grace & Lace
Dressmaker – Philippa Maunsell
Suits – Sergios
Rings – Martinovish Jewellers
Hair – Jodi Percy
Makeup – Kylie Harpur
Shoes – Mimco
Venue – Langdale Vineyard Restaurant

kylie & stu {married) - Akaroa 26 October 2013

Written by Angela Penn on November 14th, 2013.      0 comments

Wow.  Wow.  WOW!  I love these guys so much - such beautiful people and gorgeous hearts.  Ok so where to begin....  I met Kylie for a coffee catch up when she was sussing out photographers and we hit it off straight away. Hugged in the carpark type stuff. So she pretty much had to book me based on that.  Then I met a very quiet Stu at their engagement session - luckily for him, he comes with his trusty sidekick, the couple's (then) 10 week old son, Arlo (I know right?  Cute name).  Fast forward a few months and here we are in beautiful Akaroa, getting married at Mt Vernon Lodge.

Kylie & Stu meet when their eyes locked onto each other in a dingy pub one night... kidding, kidding. She's from the West Coast and he's a pom.  He was working over here and happened to go to the Kaikoura Seafest where they met.  Stu was meant to come home 2 months later but hello, falls in love instead!  So glad they did because I got to shoot their stunning wedding!

akaroa wedding photographer 0040akaroa wedding photographer 0041

Stu's awesome ring is made from a 1937 half crown.  So cool!
akaroa wedding photographer 0023

My lovely friend Kelly Shakespeare helped out on the day and got some great shots of the boys getting ready.
akaroa wedding photographer 0024akaroa wedding photographer 0025akaroa wedding photographer 0026akaroa wedding photographer 0027

The boys discover no holes for the cuff links.  So using a bit of Kiwi ingenuity (a craft knife) they fashion the holes themselves.
akaroa wedding photographer 0029
akaroa wedding photographer 0028

After all that hard work, it's time for a drink.
akaroa wedding photographer 0045

akaroa wedding photographer 0030akaroa wedding photographer 0031akaroa wedding photographer 0032akaroa wedding photographer 0033

Let's rock 'n' roll!
akaroa wedding photographer 0034

But time for one last 'cheers'.
akaroa wedding photographer 0037akaroa wedding photographer 0038

akaroa wedding photographer 0035akaroa wedding photographer 0036akaroa wedding photographer 0039akaroa wedding photographer 0042akaroa wedding photographer 0123

Meanwhile back at the girls' camp... 
akaroa wedding photographer 0061akaroa wedding photographer 0058akaroa wedding photographer 0059akaroa wedding photographer 0060

Just gorgeous. x
akaroa wedding photographer 0048akaroa wedding photographer 0050
akaroa wedding photographer 0051

This girl loves to laugh and her laugh is infectious.
akaroa wedding photographer 0052akaroa wedding photographer 0054akaroa wedding photographer 0053akaroa wedding photographer 0055

akaroa wedding photographer 0131

And then the girls spot the boys walking to the ceremony...
akaroa wedding photographer 0056akaroa wedding photographer 0062

Let the fun... begin!
akaroa wedding photographer 0046akaroa wedding photographer 0047akaroa wedding photographer 0044akaroa wedding photographer 0124akaroa wedding photographer 0065akaroa wedding photographer 0075akaroa wedding photographer 0066akaroa wedding photographer 0064akaroa wedding photographer 0076akaroa wedding photographer 0077akaroa wedding photographer 0068akaroa wedding photographer 0090akaroa wedding photographer 0069akaroa wedding photographer 0071akaroa wedding photographer 0070akaroa wedding photographer 0072akaroa wedding photographer 0073akaroa wedding photographer 0074akaroa wedding photographer 0067

Meet Arlo!  He's now 10 months old!  Such a cutie-pie!
akaroa wedding photographer 0079akaroa wedding photographer 0081akaroa wedding photographer 0078
akaroa wedding photographer 0083akaroa wedding photographer 0084

Then we went off road up the 'hill'.  Was a tad windy.  Just a tad....
akaroa wedding photographer 0126
akaroa wedding photographer 0088akaroa wedding photographer 0089akaroa wedding photographer 0087akaroa wedding photographer 0092

I can see your house from here!!!!!
akaroa wedding photographer 0095akaroa wedding photographer 0097akaroa wedding photographer 0128akaroa wedding photographer 0127akaroa wedding photographer 0101

After dropping the bridal party back to the reception, we headed off into Akaroa for a romantic walk along the pier. 
akaroa wedding photographer 0107akaroa wedding photographer 0108akaroa wedding photographer 0130akaroa wedding photographer 0110akaroa wedding photographer 0111akaroa wedding photographer 0112akaroa wedding photographer 0113akaroa wedding photographer 0129akaroa wedding photographer 0115akaroa wedding photographer 0116akaroa wedding photographer 0117
akaroa wedding photographer 0118akaroa wedding photographer 0119akaroa wedding photographer 0120akaroa wedding photographer 0121akaroa wedding photographer 0122

Gosh you guys - way to make it so hard to choose images for your blog - too cute!!!  Can't wait to show you the rest.  xxx

Photographer - Angela Penn
Kylie's Dress - Annah Stretton
Shoes - Mia Piaci
Bridesmaids' dresses - ASOS
Mens' suits - Hallensteins
Hair & Makeup - Niki Holmes
Catering - The Trading Rooms
Venue - Mt Vernon Lodge
Band - Acoustic Solution

jo & mark plus ONE!

Written by on October 16th, 2013.      0 comments

It was the most gorgeous day on Saturday - I had a portrait shoot at home in the morning, the sun was shining, I got my washing out and I was really looking forward to meeting Jo & Mark that afternoon as we'd already had to put off their engagement shoot because of bad weather.  So when I turned up at the gardens, I saw the clouds, heard the thunder and went back to my car for the umbrella.  A little bit of rain was NOT going to put us off!

Meeting them both was fantastic but they I spied an extra pair of cute wee legs (sorry Mark, not yours) and they belonged to the beautiful Isabella, Jo and Mark's gorgeous wee girl.  What a bright spark - this kid has an awesome vocabulary and could probably (in the right situation, where the scary photographer lady wanted to 'borrow' your Dora backpack) talk the hind legs off anyone!  With a dad as lovely as Mark and a mum as beautiful as Jo, this kid is bound for great things.

So off for a trek around the gardens, trying to find some shelter - these raindrops were getting BIG!
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0001

So we set off for our walk...
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0002

And it wouldn't be a walk in the park (haha) without "one... two... THREE!".  I even think I see Mark getting in on the action!
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0003christchurch botanic gardens photography 0004christchurch botanic gardens photography 0005christchurch botanic gardens photography 0006christchurch botanic gardens photography 0007

I LOVE the way Isabella stares adoringly into her daddy's eyes.
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0008christchurch botanic gardens photography 0009christchurch botanic gardens photography 0010

With spring comes new life. Guess what they found by the pond?
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0012christchurch botanic gardens photography 0013christchurch botanic gardens photography 0011christchurch botanic gardens photography 0014

"There she is!".  Says Isabella.
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0015christchurch botanic gardens photography 0016christchurch botanic gardens photography 0018christchurch botanic gardens photography 0019

Look at meeee!
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0020christchurch botanic gardens photography 0021

Gorgeous girl. x
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0022christchurch botanic gardens photography 0023

Then it was time for some engagement photos of mum and dad.... not enough time though - it started pouring down so we called it a day.
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0024christchurch botanic gardens photography 0025

What a gorgeous family.
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0026christchurch botanic gardens photography 0027christchurch botanic gardens photography 0028

Jo, Mark (Chris - haha) and Isabella - I'm so looking forward to your wedding and we don't have to wait too long - November is just around the corner!  xx

To check out Jo & Mark's beautiful wedding, click here!
wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0074

abbey & isaac's (belated) engagement session!

Written by on September 29th, 2013.      0 comments

Oops I slipped up! I was meant to post this back in March when I actually shot this session but somehow I didn't and I get a message from Abbey today asking if I was going to do a blog post for them - of COURSE, I say!  And here it is...  So this is why the foliage looks so awesomely Autumnal - it's because it WAS Autumn back in March!

These two met at D&A where they were both studying photography. Then Abbey left for a bit and came back and it was all on! Ok, ok, I don't know if it was "all on" but in my head it happened like that.

Anyway skip forward a couple of years and they've stuck together through thick and thin, have been through some amazingly rough patches and have come out the other side ok.  They get married next year at Omarino Wine Park and I cannot wait.  I know it's going to be one of those "get your hankies out" type weddings.  I'll make sure I bring mine.

So we met at the beautiful Christchurch Botanic Gardens and of course it was amazing there with all the leaves on the ground.  (Little did Abbey know what Isaac was going to do...).  When I was editing these photos I kept using my Miss Piggy voice saying "kissy kissy!" the whole time. These guys are so super cute and kissy kissy.

wedding photographer christchurch 0001wedding photographer christchurch 0002wedding photographer christchurch 0003wedding photographer christchurch 0004wedding photographer christchurch 0005wedding photographer christchurch 0008wedding photographer christchurch 0006wedding photographer christchurch 0007wedding photographer christchurch 0009wedding photographer christchurch 0010wedding photographer christchurch 0011wedding photographer christchurch 0012wedding photographer christchurch 0013wedding photographer christchurch 0016wedding photographer christchurch 0017wedding photographer christchurch 0018wedding photographer christchurch 0014wedding photographer christchurch 0015

laura + jack got engaged

Written by on September 29th, 2013.      0 comments

Laura and Jack are one of those super awesome couples who are so in love, it radiates from them.  They will also make awesome parents.  Do you know how I know this?  Because of Archie.  He's two and no, he's not their human toddler.  He's the most gorgeous puppy dog with the most gorgeous soft coat and big brown eyes you've ever seen.  In fact I was keen to trade him in for my two kids.

Anyway, we met at Halswell Quarry which is a well known dog park in Christchurch. It was an absolutely stunning day - the sun was shining, the blossom was out and it just made me happy.

halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0002
halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0004halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0005halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0006halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0008halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0009halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0010halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0011halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0012halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0013halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0014halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0015halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0016halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0017halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0018halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0019halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0020halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0021halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0022halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0023halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0024halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0025halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0026halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0027halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0038halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0047halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0028halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0029halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0030halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0031halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0032halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0033halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0037halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0039halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0044halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0040halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0042halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0041halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0003

Yussss, I got it!!!
halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0046

cara + matt's otahuna lodge wedding

Written by on September 24th, 2013.      0 comments

Cara & Matt have been through tough times.  They both have their own children. They have both experienced loss.  Loss of a wife, loss of a friend.  They deserve all the happiness in the world and it starts with this day.  They are the most laid back, down to earth couple and I LOVE that about them!

So, what sort of a day did Christchurch put on for them?  This sort! Rainy, dreary, cloudy.  The wedding itself was entirely different...
otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0044

I was very excited to shoot this wedding.  Not only is Otahuna Lodge beautiful, so was the bride.  As for the groom, I had yet to meet him but I assumed he was beautiful too.  ;D  On the drive out to Otahuna, I made the most of the moody clouds and captured the atmosphere.
otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0045

Otahuna is STUNNING!  It is one of the most amazing Christchurch wedding venues I've ever been to.
otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0043

Before I snuck upstairs to see the girls, and before the bus-load of guests arrived, I had a good look around.
otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0046otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0005
otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0027

The girls are getting ready upstairs when I hear the bus arrive.  I can't go downstairs just yet - there's just too much cuteness going on up here!
otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0009otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0010

Cara's mum not only made her stunning wedding dress, but she made all the girls' dresses too!  Amazingly talented lady.
otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0011
otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0013
otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0007otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0008

Meanwhile downstairs, Matt's son Beau waits patiently...
otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0006
otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0015otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0014

At last it's time! The girls walk down the stairs one by one and I'm sure I see a tear or two in Matt's eyes.  Either that or it's hayfever.
otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0016otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0017otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0018otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0019otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0020otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0021otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0024
otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0023otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0022otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0025otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0026otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0029otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0030otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0032otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0033otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0034otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0035otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0037otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0036otahuna lodge christchurch wedding photographer 0041

You guys are just too darned cute for your own good.  I KNOW your lives together will be amazing because I have spent time with your children and you don't get kids like that if you aren't awesome parents and great people.  Thank you SO much for letting me be part of your very special day.  xxx

Venue: Otahuna Lodge
Cara's dress: Made by her mum
Cara's shoes:  I'll find out for you all
Cara & Matt's entertainment: Tor Sutton
Cara & Matt's photographer: Angela Penn  (just in case you hadn't picked up on it - it's ME!)

Tor Sutton - Vocalist

Written by on August 14th, 2013.      0 comments

Meet Tor. She is funny.  She is gorgeous.  She is talented. And she's my SISTER!  Sorry for yelling, I'm very excited to be showing you these photos because one of them will be used as the cover for her Blues/Gospel EP release.  Check out Tor's Facebook page - come along to a gig if you can!

Last week we went out to Bottle Lake Forest and had SUCH a great time - was so much fun!  Here are a few favourites from Tor's shoot. 

burwood plantation christchurch photographyburwood plantation christchurch photographyTor Sutton-36burwood plantation christchurch photographywomens glamour photographyTor Sutton-108burwood plantation christchurch womens glamour photographyburwood plantation christchurch womens glamour photographyTor Sutton-278burwood plantation christchurch womens glamour photographyburwood plantation christchurch womens glamour photographyTor Sutton-369burwood plantation christchurch womens glamour photography

next blog

Caroline + David = love

Written by on August 11th, 2013.      0 comments

Oh my goodness. These two are just gorgeous to shoot.  They are so in love, and just so happy - I can't wait for their wedding in Feb next year.

Lawyer (and songbird) Caroline & anaesthesiologist David are a match made in heaven.  We met in Sumner for their engagement shoot and although we'd picked a cloudy, gray day, this loved-up couple were a bright spot in all the gloominess.

Caroline & David engagement-44

Caroline keeps David on his toes... and wherever she goes, he will follow.  Or be dragged.
Caroline & David engagement-87

sumner beach christchurch photography

Caroline & David engagement-104
Caroline & David engagement-108

Oops.  Did I say "keep looking at me" for a bit too long???
Caroline & David engagement-210Caroline & David engagement-197Caroline & David engagement-213

scarborough sumner clock tower
Caroline & David engagement-302

This couple is on top of the world...
Caroline & David engagement-371Caroline & David engagement-374

... but are ready to catch each other when they fall.
Caroline & David engagement-395

Caroline & David engagement-417

Caroline & David engagement-425

Caroline & David engagement-280

Caroline and David, it was my absolutely pleasure to shoot your pre-wedding photos, and I know your wedding day is going to be just as fun and just as beautiful. xxx

Just for the heck of it...

Written by on July 30th, 2013.      0 comments

Ok so here's a bit of an experiment... Lately I've been doing some before and afters. You know, you turn up here completely make-up less, I take a photo of you looking like you've just gotten out of bed, and then Lucy Harvey works her hair and makeup magic and transforms you into a supermodel!

But sometimes it's not possible to get your hair and makeup done, and it's not just getting this done that helps you look your best.

A good photographer helps.  Actually a good photographer is everything. You can have the most awesome hair and makeup team but if your photographer doesn't know what they are doing, you may as well be smeared in Marmite.

So I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I showed you the before and after of someone who turns up at my house, completely unaware that I was going to do this.

I wanted to show that in the left image of both girls, they are standing dead on to the camera, in unflattering poses and that a lot can be achieved by flattering posing, lighting, and a little bit of editing!

Here's Fleur, who turned up for her baby Neave's one year Baby Grow Programme.
Fleur Hyslop-260 600 wide
And this is my beautiful friend, Leanne.  She is really bubbly and smiley and the middle shot is just "her" so we had a bit of an experiement with her more serious side (after the giggling subsided).
Leanne Chambers-3 600 wide

So anyway my point.... Yes, it's great to be able to have your hair and makeup done, but normally when we're sprung for a photo, we look like this.  And this is what I wanted to show.  Beautiful, gorgeous, natural ladies who look like this most of the time, but with the right posing and light it will make you look even more fabulous!


Heather & Doug's studio couples shoot

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Wowzers.  These guys are awesome.  Not only are they great to photograph, they take amazing photos too!  This is Heather & Doug of Heather Ellis Photography & DpointR Photography - both extremely talented on both sides of the camera, as it turns out! I must admit I was a tad nervous before they got here... Okay okay, I was still shaking when I made them coffee but as soon as the camera started clicking I was in the zone!  Too much fun.  x

IMG 4330
christchurch couples photographer
ladies glamour portraits christchurch
mens portrait christchurch

This is where I was trying to make them laugh, by laughing myself but apparently I ended up sounding like Santa.
couples photography christchurch
IMG 4297

I LOOOOVE this one.  :D
christchurch couples photographer2

kylie, stu & arlo {engaged}

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Wow.  I had so much fun with these guys on Thursday night at Taylor's Mistake.  They are awesome, and don't they make a gorgeous family!  Kylie giggled the whole way through the shoot (saying she's not photogenic, didn't like photos of herself).  What-EVER!  You guys are CUTE!!!

First off, check out their fusion video.
pre wedding photography christchurch 0025

pre wedding photography christchurch 0027

pre wedding photography christchurch 0032

I love the one on the right especially.  :D
pre wedding photography christchurch 0028

pre wedding photography christchurch 0033

pre wedding photography christchurch 0029

pre wedding photography christchurch 0030

pre wedding photography christchurch 0031

pre wedding photography christchurch 0024

pre wedding photography christchurch 0034

Mr grumpy. Actually he wasn't grumpy at all.  He'd just woken up so he was being exactly how a baby is meant to be when they wake up in the middle of the field and he's faced with a huge camera and expected to smile on demand.
pre wedding photography christchurch 0035

pre wedding photography christchurch 0036

Bye, you two.  See you in October! x
pre wedding photography christchurch 0026

hannah + bryce's temuka/timaru wedding

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It was a gorgeous summer's day in Temuka for Hannah & Bryce's wedding.  St David's Church in Cave is absolutely stunning.

st davids church cave 0001

st davids church cave 0005

Bryce and his groomsmen wait patiently...
st davids church cave 0003

As does this wee dot!
st davids church cave 0002

And the bride arrives in style! Now THAT'S a wedding car.  :-)st davids church cave 0006

temuka wedding photography 0001

st davids church cave 0007

st davids church cave 0004

temuka wedding photography 0002

st davids church cave 0013

st davids church cave 0008

st davids church cave 0010

st davids church cave 0009

st davids church cave 0011

And now to the stunning Ashfield Manor House & Gardens for the reception.  First a few sneaky photos of the newlyweds.
temuka wedding photography 0003

ashfield manor temuka 0004

The beautiful flowers are by Sue Evans.
temuka wedding photography 0005

timaru wedding photography 0013

Wouldn't you love to be able to do this still?
south canterbury wedding photography 0010

Hope this wee one wasn't drinking and driving.
temuka wedding photography 0009

temuka wedding photography 0011

temuka wedding photography 0006

temuka wedding photography 0007

temuka wedding photography 0008

ashfield manor temuka 0012

Hannah & Bryce - your wedding was beautiful and you make such a gorgeous couple.  The day was magic.  Thank you so much for choosing me.  x

Hannah's dress:  Holly Wedding Dress (UK)
Shoes: Aldo
Suits: Sergios
Flowers: Sue Evans

hannah + sam's trents vineyard wedding

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Where do I even BEGIN posting about this beautiful couple? I think I may as well jump right in and show you the photos ...  So many smiles editing these!

When I walked into Hannah's parent's house the first thing I saw were these gorgeous shoes - squeeee!!!!
wedding photography christchurch 0074
wedding photography christchurch 0048

Trying to get into the dress was the first hurdle! Luckily Hannah had 4 gorgeous bridesmaids to help.
wedding photography christchurch 0049

Just stunning, Hannah.
wedding photography christchurch 0050

Hannah puts some finishing touches on her mum.  Yes Vanda, you're caught on camera.  ;D
wedding photography christchurch 0051

Then time for a special thank you gift from Hannah to her bridesmaids.
wedding photography christchurch 0052

And just enough time for some photos with mum and dad.
wedding photography christchurch 0053wedding photography christchurch 0076wedding photography christchurch 0077wedding photography christchurch 0078

Dad Alistair, walks his stunning daughter towards her husband to be.  I love how these guys are holding hands. x
wedding photography christchurch 0058

wedding photography christchurch 0079

Church of Ascension, Mt Pleasant.
wedding photography christchurch 0059wedding photography christchurch 0060

wedding photography christchurch 0084wedding photography christchurch 0080

Caught one of the tea ladies in prayer too...
wedding photography christchurch 0085
wedding photography christchurch 0081

These next two images are when Sam just couldn't help himself and went in for a kiss.  And why wouldn't he?
wedding photography christchurch 0083
wedding photography christchurch 0082

She's not your traditional bride.  And I LOVE that!
wedding photography christchurch 0086

And off to Taylor's Mistake for some fun in the sun!
wedding photography christchurch 0087
wedding photography christchurch 0061wedding photography christchurch 0064wedding photography christchurch 0065wedding photography christchurch 0066

The beach is this couples' favourite place.
wedding photography christchurch 0067

A must-stop-at in Sumner was the knitting container.  I'm not sure Hannah's new love for knitting will take over the surfing though.
wedding photography christchurch 0068

And to Trent's Estate Vineyard.
wedding photography christchurch 0055

wedding photography christchurch 0054

Some of the guests played petanque...
wedding photography christchurch 0069wedding photography christchurch 0070

While others just took some time out.
wedding photography christchurch 0056

The guests were asked to sign ... a surfboard!  Of course!
wedding photography christchurch 0071

Now time for speeches... I knew these were going to be GOOD and I wasn't disappointed!
wedding photography christchurch 0093wedding photography christchurch 0089

Love reflections...
wedding photography christchurch 0095wedding photography christchurch 0096
wedding photography christchurch 0094wedding photography christchurch 0097wedding photography christchurch 0098wedding photography christchurch 0099wedding photography christchurch 0101wedding photography christchurch 0100
wedding photography christchurch 0090wedding photography christchurch 0091wedding photography christchurch 0092

Hannah & Sam - you make such a beautiful couple, you have amazing friends and a wonderful family. I know this because I was constantly asked if I'd had something to eat, a coffee, or if I wanted a seat.  Lovely, lovely people.  You have such a wonderful support network.  I loved your wedding. xxx

When asked what theme Hannah & Sam were having for their wedding, she answered "ummm... Stuff I Like!".

Bride's dress: Lazaro style 3000 (second-hand)
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Hairpiece: Hannah made this herself from scraps of the dress
Hair and Makeup - Mariessa Waddington
Bridesmaids dresses:  Anna Stretton
Guys' suits: Soho 2 piece hired from Sergios
Guys' shirts: Country Road
Flowers: Aromaunga
Church: Church of Ascension, Mt Pleasant
Venue: Trents Estate Vineyard
Band: Assembly Required

pip + geoff's kate sheppard gardens wedding

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Pip and Geoff met at school, and by all accounts it took them a while to get together.  They are avid runners (possibly doing the Boston Marathon soon, huh guys?) & cheese lovers (check out their cake!).  And they had the most amazing wedding.  It was held at Kate Sheppard House & Garden and is absolutely beautiful there.

Pip goes over her vows ...
christchurch wedding photography 0016

While I take some shots of her dress which was made by Amy of Aeon Dressmaking - it is stunning!  Her shoes are from Myer in Brisbane.
christchurch wedding photography 0018

Pip's sister Anna gets ready before helping the bride into her dress.  (I'm a sucker for pointy ballet feet).
christchurch wedding photography 0017

christchurch wedding photography 0015

Then a few family photos inside this gorgeous homestead before the ceremony!
christchurch wedding photography 0014

So I leave the girls to it and sneak outside to get some crowd shots and find some man-love going on!
christchurch wedding photography 0012

Geoff sees his gorgeous bride walking down the path and there's hardly a dry eye in the house.  This great shot of Pip and her dad was taken by my second shooter Oswald from Oswald Photography.  :D
christchurch wedding photography 0021

christchurch wedding photography 0011

christchurch wedding photography 0010

Sometimes it's the little ones who steal the show...
christchurch wedding photography 0009

And sometimes not! (PS I LOVE this shot!).
christchurch wedding photography 0008

christchurch wedding photography 0007christchurch wedding photography 0006christchurch wedding photography 0005christchurch wedding photography 0004christchurch wedding photography 0003

And time for a little giant Jenga.  Boom!
christchurch wedding photography 0002

And the beautiful rings!!!
christchurch wedding photography 0013

Ooh and the cake! It was a cheese cake! Not a cheese cake, cheese cake, but a cake made from 3 types of cheese!  By Canterbury Cheesemongers.
christchurch wedding photography 0001

The full moon that night was a beautiful end to a magic day.  What an honour photographing Pip & Geoff's wedding.  I thought it was pretty perfect and I know they did too. x
christchurch wedding photography 0019

Pip's dress: by Amy of Aeon Dressmaking
Pip's shoes: Myer
Venue: Kate Sheppard House & Garden
Hair: Jem Smalley of Felix Culpa
Makeup:  Callie Sanford
Flowers: Flowers on Holmwood
Cake: Canterbury Cheesemongers
Band: Catherine Wells

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