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Tor Sutton - Vocalist

Written by on August 14th, 2013.      0 comments

Meet Tor. She is funny.  She is gorgeous.  She is talented. And she's my SISTER!  Sorry for yelling, I'm very excited to be showing you these photos because one of them will be used as the cover for her Blues/Gospel EP release.  Check out Tor's Facebook page - come along to a gig if you can!

Last week we went out to Bottle Lake Forest and had SUCH a great time - was so much fun!  Here are a few favourites from Tor's shoot. 

burwood plantation christchurch photographyburwood plantation christchurch photographyTor Sutton-36burwood plantation christchurch photographywomens glamour photographyTor Sutton-108burwood plantation christchurch womens glamour photographyburwood plantation christchurch womens glamour photographyTor Sutton-278burwood plantation christchurch womens glamour photographyburwood plantation christchurch womens glamour photographyTor Sutton-369burwood plantation christchurch womens glamour photography

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Caroline + David = love

Written by on August 11th, 2013.      0 comments

Oh my goodness. These two are just gorgeous to shoot.  They are so in love, and just so happy - I can't wait for their wedding in Feb next year.

Lawyer (and songbird) Caroline & anaesthesiologist David are a match made in heaven.  We met in Sumner for their engagement shoot and although we'd picked a cloudy, gray day, this loved-up couple were a bright spot in all the gloominess.

Caroline & David engagement-44

Caroline keeps David on his toes... and wherever she goes, he will follow.  Or be dragged.
Caroline & David engagement-87

sumner beach christchurch photography

Caroline & David engagement-104
Caroline & David engagement-108

Oops.  Did I say "keep looking at me" for a bit too long???
Caroline & David engagement-210Caroline & David engagement-197Caroline & David engagement-213

scarborough sumner clock tower
Caroline & David engagement-302

This couple is on top of the world...
Caroline & David engagement-371Caroline & David engagement-374

... but are ready to catch each other when they fall.
Caroline & David engagement-395

Caroline & David engagement-417

Caroline & David engagement-425

Caroline & David engagement-280

Caroline and David, it was my absolutely pleasure to shoot your pre-wedding photos, and I know your wedding day is going to be just as fun and just as beautiful. xxx

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