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there is no better time to get your photo taken...

Written by Angela Penn on October 29th, 2014.      0 comments

These gorgeous kids go to my son's school, in fact Maeve is in Harry's class. Isn't it funny though, how you get to know the parents of the kids the same sex as yours, but hardly talk to the others? I don't really know the girls' parents in our class at all!  That's probably because, as we all know, girls smell.

Maeve & Otto's mum Kerry, is going through cancer treatment and although this shoot was meant about the kids, I MADE her be in these photos.  Well, I suggested strongly that it would be a good idea and I'm so so glad she did it as you will see down the bottom of this post, we have a couple of gorgeous images of Kerry and her beautiful children.

Our location was a little different - it was down a very busy part of Linwood Ave - you know, before Eastgate (or after, depending on which direction you're coming from).  I've been wanting to shoot here for YEARS so when I suggested this location to Kerry, she was all for it!

christchurch child photography 0001christchurch child photography 0002christchurch child photography 0003christchurch child photography 0005christchurch child photography 0006christchurch child photography 0007christchurch child photography 0008christchurch child photography 0009christchurch child photography 0010christchurch child photography 0011christchurch child photography 0012christchurch child photography 0013christchurch child photography 0014christchurch child photography 0018christchurch child photography 0015christchurch child photography 0016christchurch child photography 0017christchurch child photography 0022christchurch child photography 0019christchurch child photography 0020christchurch child photography 0021christchurch child photography 0023

corina & daryl's wedding - the sound of sirens

Written by Angela Penn on October 22nd, 2014.      0 comments

Corina & Daryl have been photographed by me for nearly two years, since their gorgeous wee daughter Jade, was born.  I've loved watching Jade grow and it's been my absolute pleasure to see this beautiful family evolve and bond.  So, when they asked me to shoot their wedding, it was a big HECK YES from me.  It's just so exciting to shoot someone you've met a few times before - I LOVE it!

Oh yes, you're wondering about the sirens reference?  Yeah, just me trying to be funny...  Corina & Daryl met through St John and the St John's folk and any reference to St John was prominent on their wedding day, so much so they had an ambulance meet us at Hagley Park.  I'm not sure how they got it there but I don't want to know.  "What goes on at St John... " etc etc.

christchurch wedding langdales 0004christchurch wedding langdales 0005christchurch wedding langdales 0001

When I asked what his name was, Cooper says "big boy!". 
christchurch wedding langdales 0014

This is gorgeous Jade!  Just woked up from a big nap - all ready to celebrate mummy & daddy's wedding day!
christchurch wedding langdales 0015christchurch wedding langdales 0007christchurch wedding langdales 0008christchurch wedding langdales 0009christchurch wedding langdales 0011christchurch wedding langdales 0012

Josie & Brian (Corina's mum and dad) start to get ready.
christchurch wedding langdales 0013christchurch wedding langdales 0018

There's no better time to snuggle with mum than when you have breakfast all over your hands.
christchurch wedding langdales 0019christchurch wedding langdales 0021

Over at the boys' place, Daryl is starting to get ready too. Big thanks to Stuart for second shooting for me!
christchurch wedding langdales 0022christchurch wedding langdales 0025christchurch wedding langdales 0024christchurch wedding langdales 0026christchurch wedding langdales 0031christchurch wedding langdales 0023christchurch wedding langdales 0028christchurch wedding langdales 0027christchurch wedding langdales 0029christchurch wedding langdales 0030christchurch wedding langdales 0036

Back with the girls, we took the opportunity of getting some stunning portraits of Corina (complete with white couch on the lawn!).
christchurch wedding langdales 0032christchurch wedding langdales 0033

The girls arrive at the West Melton airfield, for the first look - exciting!!!!!
christchurch wedding langdales 0037christchurch wedding langdales 0038christchurch wedding langdales 0040christchurch wedding langdales 0042christchurch wedding langdales 0043christchurch wedding langdales 0044christchurch wedding langdales 0045

Corina's brother Lance and dad Brian, look on. 
christchurch wedding langdales 0047christchurch wedding langdales 0046christchurch wedding langdales 0048christchurch wedding langdales 0052christchurch wedding langdales 0053

Then off to Little Hagley Park (by Millbrook Reserve) to check to see if the blubells are still there - and YES, so happy to say they were!  Have to get the ambo shot!
christchurch wedding langdales 0055christchurch wedding langdales 0056christchurch wedding langdales 0058christchurch wedding langdales 0059christchurch wedding langdales 0062

The boys head off to Langdales while the girls (who don't want to turn up exactly on time, right?) take a detour past the pub. 
christchurch wedding langdales 0064christchurch wedding langdales 0065

And then to Langdale Vineyard Restaurant where we're hoping the rain will hold off!  Beautiful setting out here.
christchurch wedding langdales 0066christchurch wedding langdales 0068christchurch wedding langdales 0072christchurch wedding langdales 0069christchurch wedding langdales 0088christchurch wedding langdales 0070christchurch wedding langdales 0079christchurch wedding langdales 0080christchurch wedding langdales 0084christchurch wedding langdales 0089christchurch wedding langdales 0090christchurch wedding langdales 0091christchurch wedding langdales 0096christchurch wedding langdales 0095christchurch wedding langdales 0097christchurch wedding langdales 0100christchurch wedding langdales 0104

Love this shot of wee Stella.  (Thanks to Stu for this one!).
christchurch wedding langdales 0101

Then back inside where it's nice and warm. Oh and there's wine.
christchurch wedding langdales 0106

The shoe game was FUN!!!!!
christchurch wedding langdales 0109christchurch wedding langdales 0113christchurch wedding langdales 0114

I was told I HAD to get the YMCA song as it holds some significance for the St John's guys.  They went NUTS when it was played!  So funny!
christchurch wedding langdales 0118

Hey guys, thank you SO much for inviting me to capture your wedding day. It was so much fun and I think you guys are the best.  Wee Jade is just a darling.  x
christchurch wedding langdales 0116

Venue: Langdale Vineyard
Celebrant: Debbie Hawker
Cake: Fantail Cakes
Cars: Family owned cars
Videography: Soul Reflections
Musician: Tor Sutton
Rings: Terry Banks Jeweller, West Melton
Suits: Sergios
Cufflinks: On the Cuff
Dress: Bought 2nd hand via Still White (2014 Cosmobella Collection)
Brides shoes: Overland
Brides hairpiece & earrings, and fur stole: Grace & Lace
Brides nails: Miss Bliss
Bridesmaids; Dress: Max, Belt: Annah Stretton, Shoes: Hannah's
Bridesmaids jewellery: Merlesque Jewellery Design (Facebook Page)
Makeup: Angela Minson
Hair: Janeen Moir
Flax Flowers (and buttonholes, cake topper, corsage): Flaxation
Photographer: Angela Penn - Ladybug Photography

allen & yixing's sunny engagement shoot

Written by Angela Penn on October 14th, 2014.      0 comments

Wow, what a beautiful day is was on Monday!  Absolutely stunning!  And I got to photograph a stunning couple too. They are SO sweet, and SO cute together and they are so so so in love!!!  I'm buzzing about this shoot and cannot wait until their wedding in January!

Here are a few images from their engagement session.
engagement beach shoot 0001engagement beach shoot 0002engagement beach shoot 0003engagement beach shoot 0004engagement beach shoot 0007engagement beach shoot 0006engagement beach shoot 0008engagement beach shoot 0009engagement beach shoot 0010engagement beach shoot 0011engagement beach shoot 0012engagement beach shoot 0013engagement beach shoot 0014engagement beach shoot 0015engagement beach shoot 0016engagement beach shoot 0017engagement beach shoot 0018engagement beach shoot 0019engagement beach shoot 0020engagement beach shoot 0021engagement beach shoot 0022engagement beach shoot 0023engagement beach shoot 0024engagement beach shoot 0025engagement beach shoot 0026engagement beach shoot 0027

hannah & yohan's love shoot at little hagley park

Written by Angela Penn on October 12th, 2014.      0 comments

We met up on a gorgeous Spring day in Canterbury, and managed to pick the perfect bluebell time!  I LOVE this time of year so to be able to shoot at this time, with a couple so obviously in love made it all the more special!love shoot hagley park 0001love shoot hagley park 0002love shoot hagley park 0003love shoot hagley park 0004love shoot hagley park 0005love shoot hagley park 0006love shoot hagley park 0007love shoot hagley park 0008love shoot hagley park 0009love shoot hagley park 0010love shoot hagley park 0011love shoot hagley park 0012love shoot hagley park 0013love shoot hagley park 0014love shoot hagley park 0015love shoot hagley park 0016love shoot hagley park 0017love shoot hagley park 0018love shoot hagley park 0019love shoot hagley park 0020love shoot hagley park 0021love shoot hagley park 0022love shoot hagley park 0023love shoot hagley park 0024love shoot hagley park 0025love shoot hagley park 0026love shoot hagley park 0027love shoot hagley park 0028

I loved this shoot with you guys, can't wait for the wedding now!  :)

sarah & bassam - engagement session amongst the horses

Written by Angela Penn on October 3rd, 2014.      0 comments

I think it's fair to say Sarah & Bassam and I hit it off straight away - I showed them my sample album - they gave me tea and chocolate.  And then the fun began!

The couple decided on using the Sandow Riding School in Templeton as the backdrop for their engagement shoot as this is where they met, and it couldn't have been more perfect!

engagement shoot on horses 0037
engagement shoot on horses 0001engagement shoot on horses 0002engagement shoot on horses 0003engagement shoot on horses 0004engagement shoot on horses 0005

These two are just so cute and laughed and giggled their way through the whole session!
engagement shoot on horses 0006engagement shoot on horses 0007engagement shoot on horses 0008engagement shoot on horses 0009engagement shoot on horses 0010engagement shoot on horses 0012engagement shoot on horses 0013engagement shoot on horses 0011engagement shoot on horses 0014engagement shoot on horses 0015engagement shoot on horses 0016engagement shoot on horses 0017engagement shoot on horses 0018

Sefton thinks they're pretty funny...
engagement shoot on horses 0019engagement shoot on horses 0020engagement shoot on horses 0021engagement shoot on horses 0022engagement shoot on horses 0023engagement shoot on horses 0024engagement shoot on horses 0026engagement shoot on horses 0027engagement shoot on horses 0028engagement shoot on horses 0036engagement shoot on horses 0029engagement shoot on horses 0030engagement shoot on horses 0032engagement shoot on horses 0033engagement shoot on horses 0035

Sarah & Bassam, I had SO much fun at your engagement shoot and you guys are so lovely to shoot! Can't wait for your big day. x

nikolay's first steps - a lifestyle shoot

Written by Angela Penn on October 1st, 2014.      0 comments

I met these gorgeous guys a few weeks ago when they came up to my studio to check out my work and to make sure I wasn't a total nut-job.  I pretended I wasn't so we booked in their Lifestyle Shoot!  Grigoriy, Anna & wee Nikolay are from Ukraine and are totally gorgeous!!!

We started at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens where they fed the ducks, then wandered around together being totally in love and beautiful.  That works up an appetite so we went back to their place for cake!!!

casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0000casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0001casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0002casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0003casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0046casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0005casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0006casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0007casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0008casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0009

Aren't they just stunning? So in love - what a gorgeous family.
casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0010casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0011

We also managed to capture Nikolay's first steps!!! 
casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0012casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0013casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0014casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0015casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0016casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0017casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0018casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0019casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0020

Their house is filled with love and memories and there are photos everywhere. Anna made the wee elephants which are a symbol of good luck.

Now for cake...mmm it was delicious!  Inna from Inna's Baking made it and it not only looked good it tasted AMAZING!!! 
casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0021casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0022

Now, Anna is one very talented lady - she MADE these beautiful flowers! They are made from soft, air-dryed Japanese clay and they look so life- like!  They are perfect for a wedding bouquet or buttonhole as they last forever!
casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0023

And now for the special guest ... Nikolay!!!!
casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0024casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0025casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0026

Way better to eat them than to play with them, huh?
casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0027casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0028casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0029

Don't you just love tiny itty-bitty feet???!!!
casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0030casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0031casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0032casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0033casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0034casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0035casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0036

It's been a long day.
casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0037casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0039casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0040casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0041casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0042casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0043casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0044casual lifestyle shoot christchurch 0045

These guys are the lovliest parents and it's clear to see how in love they are with each other.  That wee boy is one lucky chappy.  x

Here's their slideshow:

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