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Amanda & Simon are having a baby!

Written by Angela Penn on February 3rd, 2016.      0 comments

The Christchurch Botanic Gardens are beautiful at this time of year - actually they're beautiful ANY time of year but there is lots of awesome green and other gorgeous colours going on at the moment!
pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0001pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0002pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0003pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0004pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0005pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0006pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0007pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0008pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0009pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0010pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0011pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0012pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0013pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0014pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0015

Julia & Nick's City engagement shoot

Written by Angela Penn on September 13th, 2015.      0 comments

Julia & Nick are cafe/cycle buffs so it was only fitting we started our shoot at The Caffeine Laboratory in New Regent Street and cruise around the city for some cool spots!  It's amazing how you sometimes don't notice the blank, empty places in Christchurch until you see them from above (shot from the Rendezvous Hotel) but there sure are some wonderful things happening in our beautiful city.

christchurch city engagement 0001

christchurch city engagement 0002

christchurch city engagement 0003

christchurch city engagement 0004

christchurch city engagement 0005

christchurch city engagement 0006

christchurch city engagement 0007

christchurch city engagement 0008

christchurch city engagement 0009

christchurch city engagement 0010

christchurch city engagement 0011

christchurch city engagement 0012

christchurch city engagement 0013

christchurch city engagement 0014

christchurch city engagement 0015

christchurch city engagement 0016

christchurch city engagement 0017

christchurch city engagement 0018

Julia & Nick - you guys were awesome! Can't wait to come back into town to shoot the wedding!  :)

Jess & Mike's First Day of "Spring" engagemement session

Written by Angela Penn on September 1st, 2015.      0 comments

You'll notice the word Spring in my title is in inverted commas.  That means it wasn't Spring weather at all. In fact it was more like middle-of-winter weather.  BUT IT WAS STILL AWESOME!  I actually really love shooting in this type of weather - I think it kind of makes you stretch yourself a little bit more creatively.  You know you've only got a limited amount of time so there's pressure to get some great shots.  Or one shot at least! 

I'd met Jess & Mike once before at Amanda & Simon's wedding where Mike was a groomsman. Jess had told me she doesn't really enjoy getting her photo taken (I get this comment a LOT) so I wasn't sure how she'd cope with a full on photo shoot and a big camera.  Wow, I had nothing to worry about - these guys are awesome in front of the camera and just so natural!

rapaki bay engagement photographs 0001rapaki bay engagement photographs 0002rapaki bay engagement photographs 0003rapaki bay engagement photographs 0005rapaki bay engagement photographs 0006rapaki bay engagement photographs 0008rapaki bay engagement photographs 0009rapaki bay engagement photographs 0010rapaki bay engagement photographs 0012rapaki bay engagement photographs 0013rapaki bay engagement photographs 0016rapaki bay engagement photographs 0018

the lovely arnott family

Written by Angela Penn on February 23rd, 2015.      0 comments

I had these gorgeous people in the studio just before Christmas!  Such a lovely family and the kids are just tooooo cute!  I just LOVE how Molly and Archie interract with each other.  x
family photographer christchurch 0003family photographer christchurch 0004family photographer christchurch 0005family photographer christchurch 0006family photographer christchurch 0007family photographer christchurch 0013family photographer christchurch 0010family photographer christchurch 0011family photographer christchurch 0012family photographer christchurch 0008family photographer christchurch 0009family photographer christchurch 0002family photographer christchurch 0001

penny & dean's port hills engagement session

Written by Angela Penn on February 13th, 2015.      0 comments

The weather looked ominous for Penny & Dean's engagement shoot this week but the rain held off just enough to take some beautiful shots in the Port Hills.

This loved up couple are getting married in their home country of South Africa in May so they asked me to do their engagement shoot - just wish I could shoot their wedding - these two are soooo good in front of the camera (despite telling me they were a bit nervous!).

All the best for your wedding you two. I'll be looking forward to seeing photos - it's going to be amazing! x
victoria park photo shoot 0005
victoria park photo shoot 0001victoria park photo shoot 0002victoria park photo shoot 0003victoria park photo shoot 0004victoria park photo shoot 0006victoria park photo shoot 0007victoria park photo shoot 0008victoria park photo shoot 0009victoria park photo shoot 0010victoria park photo shoot 0011victoria park photo shoot 0012victoria park photo shoot 0014victoria park photo shoot 0019victoria park photo shoot 0020victoria park photo shoot 0021victoria park photo shoot 0016victoria park photo shoot 0017victoria park photo shoot 0018

sarah & chris' engagement shoot in the gardens

Written by Angela Penn on January 5th, 2015.      0 comments

You'd be hard pressed to find a lovelier setting than our very own Christchurch Botanic Gardens.  It has everything you could want in a photographic backdrop and outside the museum on a beautiful afternoon, I met Sarah & Chris for the very first time and they were amazing in front of the camera!  Check them out.  :)

christchurch botanic gardens 0021christchurch botanic gardens 0001christchurch botanic gardens 0002christchurch botanic gardens 0003christchurch botanic gardens 0005christchurch botanic gardens 0006christchurch botanic gardens 0008christchurch botanic gardens 0009christchurch botanic gardens 0011christchurch botanic gardens 0010christchurch botanic gardens 0013christchurch botanic gardens 0014christchurch botanic gardens 0015christchurch botanic gardens 0016christchurch botanic gardens 0020christchurch botanic gardens 0017christchurch botanic gardens 0018christchurch botanic gardens 0019

Sarah & Chris - I can't wait to hang out with you both again in a couple of weeks!

vicky & mark's city engagement shoot

Written by Angela Penn on December 3rd, 2014.      0 comments

Vicky & Mark chose Christchurch's inner city as the backdrop for their engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago and it was a beautiful, beautiful night!  I very rarely go into the City and they showed me loads of new things which were so cool to be able to photograph!

I think it's fair to say they were perhaps a little hesitant about being in front of the camera but by the end of it, they were dancing up a storm to beat of their own drums.  This is why I think it's so important to do a pre-wedding shoot if you get the chance!  We knew each other just that little bit more after it and when it comes to photos on their big day, they will be so much more relaxed.

engagement shoot christchurch restart 0001engagement shoot christchurch restart 0002engagement shoot christchurch restart 0006engagement shoot christchurch restart 0003engagement shoot christchurch restart 0005engagement shoot christchurch restart 0007engagement shoot christchurch restart 0008engagement shoot christchurch restart 0009engagement shoot christchurch restart 0011engagement shoot christchurch restart 0012engagement shoot christchurch restart 0010engagement shoot christchurch restart 0013engagement shoot christchurch restart 0014engagement shoot christchurch restart 0015engagement shoot christchurch restart 0016engagement shoot christchurch restart 0017engagement shoot christchurch restart 0019engagement shoot christchurch restart 0020engagement shoot christchurch restart 0018


hannah & yohan's love shoot at little hagley park

Written by Angela Penn on October 12th, 2014.      0 comments

We met up on a gorgeous Spring day in Canterbury, and managed to pick the perfect bluebell time!  I LOVE this time of year so to be able to shoot at this time, with a couple so obviously in love made it all the more special!love shoot hagley park 0001love shoot hagley park 0002love shoot hagley park 0003love shoot hagley park 0004love shoot hagley park 0005love shoot hagley park 0006love shoot hagley park 0007love shoot hagley park 0008love shoot hagley park 0009love shoot hagley park 0010love shoot hagley park 0011love shoot hagley park 0012love shoot hagley park 0013love shoot hagley park 0014love shoot hagley park 0015love shoot hagley park 0016love shoot hagley park 0017love shoot hagley park 0018love shoot hagley park 0019love shoot hagley park 0020love shoot hagley park 0021love shoot hagley park 0022love shoot hagley park 0023love shoot hagley park 0024love shoot hagley park 0025love shoot hagley park 0026love shoot hagley park 0027love shoot hagley park 0028

I loved this shoot with you guys, can't wait for the wedding now!  :)

sarah & bassam - engagement session amongst the horses

Written by Angela Penn on October 3rd, 2014.      0 comments

I think it's fair to say Sarah & Bassam and I hit it off straight away - I showed them my sample album - they gave me tea and chocolate.  And then the fun began!

The couple decided on using the Sandow Riding School in Templeton as the backdrop for their engagement shoot as this is where they met, and it couldn't have been more perfect!

engagement shoot on horses 0037
engagement shoot on horses 0001engagement shoot on horses 0002engagement shoot on horses 0003engagement shoot on horses 0004engagement shoot on horses 0005

These two are just so cute and laughed and giggled their way through the whole session!
engagement shoot on horses 0006engagement shoot on horses 0007engagement shoot on horses 0008engagement shoot on horses 0009engagement shoot on horses 0010engagement shoot on horses 0012engagement shoot on horses 0013engagement shoot on horses 0011engagement shoot on horses 0014engagement shoot on horses 0015engagement shoot on horses 0016engagement shoot on horses 0017engagement shoot on horses 0018

Sefton thinks they're pretty funny...
engagement shoot on horses 0019engagement shoot on horses 0020engagement shoot on horses 0021engagement shoot on horses 0022engagement shoot on horses 0023engagement shoot on horses 0024engagement shoot on horses 0026engagement shoot on horses 0027engagement shoot on horses 0028engagement shoot on horses 0036engagement shoot on horses 0029engagement shoot on horses 0030engagement shoot on horses 0032engagement shoot on horses 0033engagement shoot on horses 0035

Sarah & Bassam, I had SO much fun at your engagement shoot and you guys are so lovely to shoot! Can't wait for your big day. x

victoria & sam's port hills engagement session

Written by Angela Penn on June 29th, 2014.      0 comments

Victoria and Sam booked me to shoot their wedding before we'd met so a couple of weeks ago when we arranged to meet for their engagement session, I had NO idea what to expect.  Mind you, neither did they.  This giggly couple had JUST gotten off a flight from Samoa that morning, so what I was expecting was two bedragled, sleep deprived, dehydrated people.  Instead I got two gorgeous, funny people who make one super cute, adorable couple!  I don't think they stopped giggling the whole time and I'd like to think it was partly my influence but as Victoria put it, "we're eggs!".

The weather couldn't quite make up it's mind that day - the fog kept rolling in and then the sun would come out.  Nevertheless it's still a beautiful sight up by Sign of the Kiwi.
engagement photography christchurch 0001port hills photographyengagement photography christchurch 0004engagement photography christchurch 0002

(By the end of our session, you couldn't even see the top of this hill, it was so covered in cloud).
engagement photography christchurch 0005

So now we get into the good stuff!  Photos of Sam and Victoria!!!
engagement photography christchurch 0007pre wedding photography christchurch 0008engagement photography christchurch 0006

And keep an eye out for Victoria's cute foot pop too.  It makes an appearance quite a bit.  :)
port hills photographyport hills photography christchurch 0013engagement photography christchurch 0014engagement photography christchurch 0015engagement photography christchurch 0017engagement photography christchurch 0018engagement photography christchurch 0020engagement photography christchurch 0021engagement photography christchurch 0022engagement photography christchurch 0023engagement photography christchurch 0026engagement photography christchurch 0025engagement photography christchurch 0024

These guys were so easy to photograph and I know their wedding day will be full of smiles, giggles and the odd foot pop.  :)

sarah & matt's victoria park engagement session

Written by Angela Penn on June 25th, 2014.      0 comments

I have known Sarah for a long time now - our families were really close when we were kids, we all used to play netball together (Sarah's family is very talented in the sporting arena - me, not so much).  And my brother used to babysit Sarah and her sister!  So I was super honoured when they asked if they would photograph their wedding.  And or course I said big fat huge YESSSSS!!!

We met up at Victoria Park (well it's kinda behind the main park area - away from the people), so it was nice and private.

engagement photography christchurch 0001engagement photography christchurch 0002engagement photography christchurch 0005engagement photography christchurch 0024engagement photography christchurch 0023

After a few 'go stand in that long grass and frolick around' photos, they ignored me and only had eyes for each other. I LOOOOVE this photo so much.
engagement photography christchurch 0003engagement photography christchurch 0006engagement photography christchurch 0007engagement photography christchurch 0009engagement photography christchurch 0010engagement photography christchurch 0011engagement photography christchurch 0012engagement photography christchurch 0013engagement photography christchurch 0014engagement photography christchurch 0015engagement photography christchurch 0021engagement photography christchurch 0022engagement photography christchurch 0016

A bit of dancing practice never goes astray...
engagement photography christchurch 0017engagement photography christchurch 0018engagement photography christchurch 0020engagement photography christchurch 0019

At the time of writing this blog, Sarah asked if I needed any more info from her and this is what she wrote:
" Matt was on the Fortune 500 List but lost his billions in the 1987 stock market crash, got a face lift, suckered some beautiful, honest, caring, extremely modest maori girl from Christchurch to marry him and the rest is history".  This girl is seriously hilarious. Matt, you are going to be kept laughing for the rest of your life. If not with her, then definitely AT her. 

Lewis & Faye's engagement shoot - Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Written by Angela Penn on April 8th, 2014.      0 comments

I loved these two gorgeous souls from the minute I met them.  Both so happy and open and just .. well ...downright lovely!

We met up 5 days before their wedding to do their engagement shoot and the weather couldn't have behaved more!

engagement photography christchurch 0010engagement photography christchurch 0011engagement photography christchurch 0012engagement photography christchurch 0013engagement photography christchurch 0014engagement photography christchurch 0015engagement photography christchurch 0016engagement photography christchurch 0017engagement photography christchurch 0018engagement photography christchurch 0019engagement photography christchurch 0020engagement photography christchurch 0021engagement photography christchurch 0022engagement photography christchurch 0023engagement photography christchurch 0024engagement photography christchurch 0025engagement photography christchurch 0026engagement photography christchurch 0027engagement photography christchurch 0028

Keep an eye out for their wedding blog coming soon!!!

louise & stuart's lyttelton engagement session

Written by Angela Penn on March 8th, 2014.      0 comments

Louise & Stuart (or Lioux & Stioux as I like to call them) are old friends, with a very long complicated story as to how we met.  Lioux and I used to kind of be related.  Yeah, long story.  Anyway, they're getting married next month so we took the opportunity to do this engagement shoot in Lyttelton where they met.  Awwww.

You can tell Louise is an ex-ballerina, with her beautiful long legs!  Stuart is a photographer so I'm on my best behaviour!

They got engaged on a recent trip away and wowzers, look at that ring!  Stu did a great job choosing (was even so sneaky as to grab an old ring of Louise's to get the sizing right - good boy!!!).
christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0006christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0001christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0021christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0015christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0002christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0003christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0009christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0013christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0008christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0010christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0012christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0011christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0019christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0024christchurch wedding & engagement photographer 0037
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See you soon, guys! Can't wait till next month! x

emma & mike are engaged!

Written by Angela Penn on December 8th, 2013.      0 comments

I met up with Emma & Mike for their engagement shoot this week and we used gorgeous Taylor's Mistake as our backdrop. Fred, their fur baby came along for the ride and boy does he keep them on their toes!  Mike pretended he didn't like being in front of the camera but my camera knows better and Emma has THE most infectious giggle I've ever heard.  That giggle, is absolutely beautiful.
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0001engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0002

No, this isn't Mike.  I just snapped this poor guy as he was riding.  :)
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0003

Ah, here they are!
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0004engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0005engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0006engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0007engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0008engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0009engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0010engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0011

And wherever Mike & Emma are, Fred isn't far away.
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0012engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0013engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0014engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0015engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0017engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0018engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0019engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0022engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0023engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0025engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0028engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0029engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0030engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0032engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0033

Fred is looking for his biscuit. Hehe.
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0034

Can't wait to shoot your wedding guys - February is just around the corner!  x

Caroline + David = love

Written by on August 11th, 2013.      0 comments

Oh my goodness. These two are just gorgeous to shoot.  They are so in love, and just so happy - I can't wait for their wedding in Feb next year.

Lawyer (and songbird) Caroline & anaesthesiologist David are a match made in heaven.  We met in Sumner for their engagement shoot and although we'd picked a cloudy, gray day, this loved-up couple were a bright spot in all the gloominess.

Caroline & David engagement-44

Caroline keeps David on his toes... and wherever she goes, he will follow.  Or be dragged.
Caroline & David engagement-87

sumner beach christchurch photography

Caroline & David engagement-104
Caroline & David engagement-108

Oops.  Did I say "keep looking at me" for a bit too long???
Caroline & David engagement-210Caroline & David engagement-197Caroline & David engagement-213

scarborough sumner clock tower
Caroline & David engagement-302

This couple is on top of the world...
Caroline & David engagement-371Caroline & David engagement-374

... but are ready to catch each other when they fall.
Caroline & David engagement-395

Caroline & David engagement-417

Caroline & David engagement-425

Caroline & David engagement-280

Caroline and David, it was my absolutely pleasure to shoot your pre-wedding photos, and I know your wedding day is going to be just as fun and just as beautiful. xxx

Heather & Doug's studio couples shoot

Written by on July 9th, 2013.      0 comments

Wowzers.  These guys are awesome.  Not only are they great to photograph, they take amazing photos too!  This is Heather & Doug of Heather Ellis Photography & DpointR Photography - both extremely talented on both sides of the camera, as it turns out! I must admit I was a tad nervous before they got here... Okay okay, I was still shaking when I made them coffee but as soon as the camera started clicking I was in the zone!  Too much fun.  x

IMG 4330
christchurch couples photographer
ladies glamour portraits christchurch
mens portrait christchurch

This is where I was trying to make them laugh, by laughing myself but apparently I ended up sounding like Santa.
couples photography christchurch
IMG 4297

I LOOOOVE this one.  :D
christchurch couples photographer2

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