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Written by angela penn on September 21st, 2016.      0 comments

This gorgeous wee lady is 6 months old and is just sooo cute!  I shot her mum and dad's engagement shoot, wedding, her baby bump, newborn shoot & now she's a bit sitting up girl!!!
christchurch baby photographer 0001christchurch baby photographer 0002christchurch baby photographer 0003christchurch baby photographer 0004christchurch baby photographer 0005christchurch baby photographer 0006christchurch baby photographer 0007

Amanda & Simon's sunny Cossars wedding

Written by Angela Penn on March 26th, 2015.      0 comments

Wow, this day could not have been more different weather-wise! It started off looking pretty miserable but ended up being a scorcher!  These two must be blessed!
cossars wineshed wedding 0066

So the day started like this... overcast, grey, drizzly. Inside was a hive of activity and the smell of breakfast was DIVINE. 
cossars wineshed wedding 0003cossars wineshed wedding 0004cossars wineshed wedding 0005cossars wineshed wedding 0006cossars wineshed wedding 0007

Everything was nice and relaxed.
cossars wineshed wedding 0008

Just for the record, it's gold and cream.  ;P
cossars wineshed wedding 0009cossars wineshed wedding 0010cossars wineshed wedding 0011cossars wineshed wedding 0012cossars wineshed wedding 0013cossars wineshed wedding 0014cossars wineshed wedding 0015

Over with the girls things were equally relaxed!
cossars wineshed wedding 0017

I LOVED these girls!  I had so much fun hanging out with this bridal party!
cossars wineshed wedding 0018cossars wineshed wedding 0030cossars wineshed wedding 0019cossars wineshed wedding 0020cossars wineshed wedding 0021cossars wineshed wedding 0022cossars wineshed wedding 0024cossars wineshed wedding 0025cossars wineshed wedding 0026cossars wineshed wedding 0027cossars wineshed wedding 0028cossars wineshed wedding 0029cossars wineshed wedding 0031

And then it was off to the gorgeous Cossars! (I love shooting here).
cossars wineshed wedding 0060cossars wineshed wedding 0033cossars wineshed wedding 0034cossars wineshed wedding 0035cossars wineshed wedding 0036cossars wineshed wedding 0037cossars wineshed wedding 0038

Love these moments - Simon dropped the ring!
cossars wineshed wedding 0039cossars wineshed wedding 0040cossars wineshed wedding 0041

I LOOOOOOVE this moment!!!
cossars wineshed wedding 0042cossars wineshed wedding 0043cossars wineshed wedding 0045cossars wineshed wedding 0046cossars wineshed wedding 0047cossars wineshed wedding 0048cossars wineshed wedding 0049cossars wineshed wedding 0050cossars wineshed wedding 0052cossars wineshed wedding 0054cossars wineshed wedding 0053cossars wineshed wedding 0055cossars wineshed wedding 0056cossars wineshed wedding 0057cossars wineshed wedding 0058cossars wineshed wedding 0063cossars wineshed wedding 0061cossars wineshed wedding 0062cossars wineshed wedding 0064cossars wineshed wedding 0065cossars wineshed wedding 0067

What an amazing day - thank you guys SO much for choosing me - I had so much fun! x
cossars wineshed wedding 0002

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Photographer: Ladybug Photography by Angela Penn
Venue: Cossars Wineshed
Food: Moveable Feasts
Makeup & Nails - Sakura Beauty
Hair: Trends Hair Design
Band – Ctrl Alt Rock
Flowers: Charmed Flowers – bouquets
               Moffatts – table flowers
Dress: To Cherish
Rings: Via Sollertia

amanda & simon's sign of the bellbird engagement session ...

Written by Angela Penn on July 22nd, 2014.      0 comments

..... or as I like to call it, a Snog in the Fog.

So it was cold. It was wet.  It had been snowing.  So naturally we had Amanda & Simon's engagement shoot this day!  Apart from being cold and wet, the backdrop was awesome!!  I was in photographer heaven.  Wasn't so pleasant for this lovely couple but I LOVED that they were willing to put up with the weather to get some stunning shots!

engagement photos christchurch 0001engagement photos christchurch 0002

Bailey is the couple's gorgeous dog and she loves giving kisses (especially unexpected ones!).  It was also Bailey's birthday on the day we had our shoot!
engagement photos christchurch 0003

Aww now that's a lovely family photo.  :)
engagement photos christchurch 0005

The wee hut at Sign of the Bellbird was occupied that day so we wandered around in the mist, trying not to lose each other. 
engagement photos christchurch 0006

engagement photos christchurch 0007engagement photos christchurch 0008engagement photos christchurch 0009engagement photos christchurch 0023engagement photos christchurch 0011engagement photos christchurch 0012engagement photos christchurch 0013

So while the humans were getting wet outside, Bailey was tucked up in the shelter of the bushes.  She loved it. You can just tell.
engagement photos christchurch 0015engagement photos christchurch 0016engagement photos christchurch 0018engagement photos christchurch 0017engagement photos christchurch 0019engagement photos christchurch 0021engagement photos christchurch 0022

My favourite shot from this shoot.  Love it.
engagement photos christchurch 0014


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