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Bec & Blair's secret wedding

Written by Angela Penn on August 26th, 2015.      0 comments

I was very excited to be shooting Bec & Blair's wedding - it was just a small, intimate affair but it was TOP SECRET! I started off at their townhouse where Bec was getting ready and because it was a secret, even the makeup artist didn't know!  She asked Bec what type of makeup she wanted and was presented with the wedding dress and "something to go with THIS!".

christchurch wedding photographer 0001

christchurch wedding photographer 0002

christchurch wedding photographer 0003

christchurch wedding photographer 0006

christchurch wedding photographer 0004

christchurch wedding photographer 0005

christchurch wedding photographer 0007

christchurch wedding photographer 0008

christchurch wedding photographer 0009

christchurch wedding photographer 0010

They got married at the NZIA branch rooms in Cambridge terrace, where this beautifully created building opened up to a cool wee garden - right in the middle of the city!
christchurch wedding photographer 0011

christchurch wedding photographer 0012

christchurch wedding photographer 0013

Their wedding would not be complete with out Kevin the Kiwi who goes everywhere with them and gets himself into lots of photos with famous people.  Kevin insisted on wearing the rings.  Just for a little bit.
christchurch wedding photographer 0014

And here comes the bride....
christchurch wedding photographer 0015

christchurch wedding photographer 0019

christchurch wedding photographer 0016

christchurch wedding photographer 0017

christchurch wedding photographer 0018

christchurch wedding photographer 0020

christchurch wedding photographer 0021

christchurch wedding photographer 0022

christchurch wedding photographer 0023christchurch wedding photographer 0024

So in front of only a handful of friends and family, Bec & Blair sealed the deal with a kiss.
christchurch wedding photographer 0026

christchurch wedding photographer 0027

We were all loving the signing of the register moments between this gorgeous couple.
christchurch wedding photographer 0028

christchurch wedding photographer 0029

christchurch wedding photographer 0032

christchurch wedding photographer 0030

christchurch wedding photographer 0031

christchurch wedding photographer 0033

christchurch wedding photographer 0034

christchurch wedding photographer 0035

christchurch wedding photographer 0036

We were allowed access to the Mill which was AWESOME to shoot in and I could have spent another couple of hours in here!
christchurch wedding photographer 0037

christchurch wedding photographer 0038

christchurch wedding photographer 0039

christchurch wedding photographer 0040

christchurch wedding photographer 0041

christchurch wedding photographer 0042

christchurch wedding photographer 0043

christchurch wedding photographer 0044

christchurch wedding photographer 0045

christchurch wedding photographer 0048

christchurch wedding photographer 0046

Harlequin Public House was the venue for dinner - this place is amazing and the staff are really lovely.
christchurch wedding photographer 0049

christchurch wedding photographer 0050

christchurch wedding photographer 0051

Cheers, guys! It was such a pleasure to shoot your wedding and was a nice way to ease myself back into wedding season! x

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Photographer - Ladybug Photography by Angela Penn
Celebrant - Mary Mason
Flowers - Bourbon Rose
Hair & makeup - amyconnollyhairartist@gmail.com
Bec's dress - To Cherish
Blair's suit - Working Style
Ceremony venue - NZIA Canterbury Branch Rooms
Reception venue - Harlequin Public House
Bec's shoes - Shoes of Prey
Blair's ring - Manup Jewellery
Bec's ring - Petersons
Car - London Cab

sarah & bassam's gardens/langdale wedding, actually

Written by Angela Penn on January 12th, 2015.      0 comments

Bassam & Sarah are two souls that love fun.  Fun was the theme of their wedding (along with Love Actually and various Disney/Pixar tunes).  Naturally I had to shoot their wedding, because, after our first meeting, we could not stop talking about How to Train Your Dragon 2, and how Stoic's beard was awesome (more awesome than the first one)..... and how amazing the graphics were.  Oh yeah and speaking of amazing, their wedding day was amazing, awesome and FUN!!!

christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0001

I started off the day with Sarah, her mum Sue and her nan at Peppers, Clearwater.  My friend Lucy Harvey was on hair and Selina Nunn on makeup. These two make a great team!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0003

Sarah wore two dresses on her wedding day, on the left a traditional white gown but on the right - the party dress in lemon!  (Would you believe she made this dress? Such a clever girl.  She does admit she had some help but she's still very clever).
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0002christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0005christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0006christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0007christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0004christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0008christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0009

Squidgey!!!! (Not her real name).
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0019
First Sarah gets into the lemon dress for some photos....
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0010christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0011christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0012
And now for the wedding dress...
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0016

What a beauty!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0013christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0018christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0014christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0015christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0020

I love these shots of Sarah, just collecting her thoughts before she sees Bassam.
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0017

Bassam was getting ready with the help of his brother, Gus and the wonderful Tegan Johnson (Tegan Johnson Photography) was shooting the boys.  Looked nice and relaxed over there!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0021

Yes, you have to have your tongue out when doing this.  christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0022

I LOVE this shot of Bassam - nice one, Tegan!  Looking sharp, Mr Maghzal!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0023-2christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0024christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0025

Then it was off to the ceremony where guests were waiting and chatting.  They chose to get married at the Cockayne Memorial Gardens (in the Botanic Gardens) and it was such an intimate little setting and the day was beautifully overcast.
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0026

Sarah and her mum and nan had to walk a little way from the carpark - so why wear your heels when you can wear perfectly good jandals?
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0027christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0028christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0029christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0030christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0031christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0032christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0033christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0034christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0035christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0038christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0036christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0037christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0039christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0040christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0041

So while the guests were making their way to Langdale Vineyard Restaurant, the newyweds and I made the most of our beautiful surroundings.
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0042christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0043christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0044christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0046christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0048christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0049christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0050christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0051

As I mentioned above, these two love to have fun.  And fun they did have!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0052christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0053christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0054

Back at Langdales, Tegan was making some amazing ring shots! I couldn't decide which one to use, so I'm putting these all in the blog!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0055

Sarah & Bassam MADE this cake!  And believe me, it was YUMMY!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0056christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0057-2

christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0059

Time for a quick tractor ride before dinner...
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0060
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0061christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0062christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0063christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0064

Bit of a Titanic moment....
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0065

The food (Lebanese) was ah-MAZING!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0058

And then we popped outside for a quick backlit shot (we were denied a beautiful sunset so opted for this instead which I LOVE).
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0066

The speeches were short and sweet with plenty of laughs and LOTS of love.
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0067christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0068

Thanks so much for the opportunity to get to know you two over the past few months.  It was such a beautifully magical day and we had a blast, actually. xxx
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0069

Celebrant: Andrew Deyell
Reception Venue and food: Lauren Carmichael and Gaby at Langdale Vineyard Restaurant.
Transport: Corporate Cabs
Ceremony venue: Botanic gardens (CCC).
Bride's dress x2: The Bride and Jeanette Sinclair at House of Chantilly
Mother of the groom dress: Jeanette Sinclair at House of Chantilly
Wedding rings: Julian Harding
Music: live saxophonists Claire Elliot and Perry
Photographs: Angela Penn supported by Tegan Johnson
Cake: Made by the groom
Dance lessons: Marcela Diacono.
Bride's hair: Lucy Harvey
Bride's make up and spray tan: Selina Nunn
Brides nails: e-nails
Brides hair piece: Lorraine at Grace & Lace
Flower girl hair piece: Bride
Ring pillow: Bride
Table runners: interior Flair
Wedding party accommodation: Peppers Clearwater
Flowers (bride and flower girl bouquet, button holes and corsages): Aromaunga Baxters Flowers - Bridle Path Road
Groom and best man tuxes: Ballantynes (Joe Black).
Bride shoes: Etsy

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