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Bec & Blair's secret wedding

Written by Angela Penn on August 26th, 2015.      0 comments

I was very excited to be shooting Bec & Blair's wedding - it was just a small, intimate affair but it was TOP SECRET! I started off at their townhouse where Bec was getting ready and because it was a secret, even the makeup artist didn't know!  She asked Bec what type of makeup she wanted and was presented with the wedding dress and "something to go with THIS!".

christchurch wedding photographer 0001

christchurch wedding photographer 0002

christchurch wedding photographer 0003

christchurch wedding photographer 0006

christchurch wedding photographer 0004

christchurch wedding photographer 0005

christchurch wedding photographer 0007

christchurch wedding photographer 0008

christchurch wedding photographer 0009

christchurch wedding photographer 0010

They got married at the NZIA branch rooms in Cambridge terrace, where this beautifully created building opened up to a cool wee garden - right in the middle of the city!
christchurch wedding photographer 0011

christchurch wedding photographer 0012

christchurch wedding photographer 0013

Their wedding would not be complete with out Kevin the Kiwi who goes everywhere with them and gets himself into lots of photos with famous people.  Kevin insisted on wearing the rings.  Just for a little bit.
christchurch wedding photographer 0014

And here comes the bride....
christchurch wedding photographer 0015

christchurch wedding photographer 0019

christchurch wedding photographer 0016

christchurch wedding photographer 0017

christchurch wedding photographer 0018

christchurch wedding photographer 0020

christchurch wedding photographer 0021

christchurch wedding photographer 0022

christchurch wedding photographer 0023christchurch wedding photographer 0024

So in front of only a handful of friends and family, Bec & Blair sealed the deal with a kiss.
christchurch wedding photographer 0026

christchurch wedding photographer 0027

We were all loving the signing of the register moments between this gorgeous couple.
christchurch wedding photographer 0028

christchurch wedding photographer 0029

christchurch wedding photographer 0032

christchurch wedding photographer 0030

christchurch wedding photographer 0031

christchurch wedding photographer 0033

christchurch wedding photographer 0034

christchurch wedding photographer 0035

christchurch wedding photographer 0036

We were allowed access to the Mill which was AWESOME to shoot in and I could have spent another couple of hours in here!
christchurch wedding photographer 0037

christchurch wedding photographer 0038

christchurch wedding photographer 0039

christchurch wedding photographer 0040

christchurch wedding photographer 0041

christchurch wedding photographer 0042

christchurch wedding photographer 0043

christchurch wedding photographer 0044

christchurch wedding photographer 0045

christchurch wedding photographer 0048

christchurch wedding photographer 0046

Harlequin Public House was the venue for dinner - this place is amazing and the staff are really lovely.
christchurch wedding photographer 0049

christchurch wedding photographer 0050

christchurch wedding photographer 0051

Cheers, guys! It was such a pleasure to shoot your wedding and was a nice way to ease myself back into wedding season! x

Click here to view the full gallery.

Photographer - Ladybug Photography by Angela Penn
Celebrant - Mary Mason
Flowers - Bourbon Rose
Hair & makeup - amyconnollyhairartist@gmail.com
Bec's dress - To Cherish
Blair's suit - Working Style
Ceremony venue - NZIA Canterbury Branch Rooms
Reception venue - Harlequin Public House
Bec's shoes - Shoes of Prey
Blair's ring - Manup Jewellery
Bec's ring - Petersons
Car - London Cab

sarah & bassam's gardens/langdale wedding, actually

Written by Angela Penn on January 12th, 2015.      0 comments

Bassam & Sarah are two souls that love fun.  Fun was the theme of their wedding (along with Love Actually and various Disney/Pixar tunes).  Naturally I had to shoot their wedding, because, after our first meeting, we could not stop talking about How to Train Your Dragon 2, and how Stoic's beard was awesome (more awesome than the first one)..... and how amazing the graphics were.  Oh yeah and speaking of amazing, their wedding day was amazing, awesome and FUN!!!

christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0001

I started off the day with Sarah, her mum Sue and her nan at Peppers, Clearwater.  My friend Lucy Harvey was on hair and Selina Nunn on makeup. These two make a great team!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0003

Sarah wore two dresses on her wedding day, on the left a traditional white gown but on the right - the party dress in lemon!  (Would you believe she made this dress? Such a clever girl.  She does admit she had some help but she's still very clever).
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0002christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0005christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0006christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0007christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0004christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0008christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0009

Squidgey!!!! (Not her real name).
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0019
First Sarah gets into the lemon dress for some photos....
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0010christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0011christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0012
And now for the wedding dress...
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0016

What a beauty!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0013christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0018christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0014christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0015christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0020

I love these shots of Sarah, just collecting her thoughts before she sees Bassam.
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0017

Bassam was getting ready with the help of his brother, Gus and the wonderful Tegan Johnson (Tegan Johnson Photography) was shooting the boys.  Looked nice and relaxed over there!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0021

Yes, you have to have your tongue out when doing this.  christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0022

I LOVE this shot of Bassam - nice one, Tegan!  Looking sharp, Mr Maghzal!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0023-2christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0024christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0025

Then it was off to the ceremony where guests were waiting and chatting.  They chose to get married at the Cockayne Memorial Gardens (in the Botanic Gardens) and it was such an intimate little setting and the day was beautifully overcast.
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0026

Sarah and her mum and nan had to walk a little way from the carpark - so why wear your heels when you can wear perfectly good jandals?
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0027christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0028christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0029christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0030christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0031christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0032christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0033christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0034christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0035christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0038christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0036christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0037christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0039christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0040christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0041

So while the guests were making their way to Langdale Vineyard Restaurant, the newyweds and I made the most of our beautiful surroundings.
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0042christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0043christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0044christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0046christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0048christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0049christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0050christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0051

As I mentioned above, these two love to have fun.  And fun they did have!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0052christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0053christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0054

Back at Langdales, Tegan was making some amazing ring shots! I couldn't decide which one to use, so I'm putting these all in the blog!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0055

Sarah & Bassam MADE this cake!  And believe me, it was YUMMY!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0056christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0057-2

christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0059

Time for a quick tractor ride before dinner...
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0060
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0061christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0062christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0063christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0064

Bit of a Titanic moment....
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0065

The food (Lebanese) was ah-MAZING!
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0058

And then we popped outside for a quick backlit shot (we were denied a beautiful sunset so opted for this instead which I LOVE).
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0066

The speeches were short and sweet with plenty of laughs and LOTS of love.
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0067christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0068

Thanks so much for the opportunity to get to know you two over the past few months.  It was such a beautifully magical day and we had a blast, actually. xxx
christchurch botanic gardens wedding 0069

Celebrant: Andrew Deyell
Reception Venue and food: Lauren Carmichael and Gaby at Langdale Vineyard Restaurant.
Transport: Corporate Cabs
Ceremony venue: Botanic gardens (CCC).
Bride's dress x2: The Bride and Jeanette Sinclair at House of Chantilly
Mother of the groom dress: Jeanette Sinclair at House of Chantilly
Wedding rings: Julian Harding
Music: live saxophonists Claire Elliot and Perry
Photographs: Angela Penn supported by Tegan Johnson
Cake: Made by the groom
Dance lessons: Marcela Diacono.
Bride's hair: Lucy Harvey
Bride's make up and spray tan: Selina Nunn
Brides nails: e-nails
Brides hair piece: Lorraine at Grace & Lace
Flower girl hair piece: Bride
Ring pillow: Bride
Table runners: interior Flair
Wedding party accommodation: Peppers Clearwater
Flowers (bride and flower girl bouquet, button holes and corsages): Aromaunga Baxters Flowers - Bridle Path Road
Groom and best man tuxes: Ballantynes (Joe Black).
Bride shoes: Etsy

allen & yixing's rangi ruru church wedding

Written by Angela Penn on January 8th, 2015.      0 comments

"You're everything I hope for - you're everything I need... You are so beautiful to me" so goes the song (which will be referenced later in this blog).  Allen & Yixing are one of the most beautiful couples you can ever meet.  Allan, with his huge beaming grin and Yixing with those gorgeous eyes...  It was just the most special, magical day and it was evident that this couple are so very loved, and have many wonderful friends and family.  It was my absolute pleasure and honour to capure their wedding on Saturday and it was neither too hot nor too cold... it was just perfect.
christchurch asian wedding 0001

We started off at Merivale Manor which is a beautiful venue. This was a place where both bride and groom could get ready with their families but once Yixing got her dress on, Allen was not allowed anywhere near her!  I'll just let the images tell the story...
christchurch asian wedding 0003christchurch asian wedding 0002

Yixing's two beautiful sisters, Yi Szu & Yi Min wait patiently.
christchurch asian wedding 0004christchurch asian wedding 0007

And now for the bride to start the getting ready process.  Already looking beautiful.
christchurch asian wedding 0005christchurch asian wedding 0006christchurch asian wedding 0008

Eunice & the girls wait for Yixing to finish before presenting her with her jewellery.
christchurch asian wedding 0009

I shouldn't have been surprised at all the help they received from friends and family - these two are the most deserving couple - loved by everyone.
christchurch asian wedding 0010

Over at Allen's unit, the boys started to get ready too. Hmmm which tie to wear?
christchurch asian wedding 0011christchurch asian wedding 0012christchurch asian wedding 0013christchurch asian wedding 0014

Best Man Caleb, gives Allen a tip for doing up the top button, while Eddie makes sure everyone is looking sharp.
christchurch asian wedding 0015christchurch asian wedding 0016christchurch asian wedding 0017

Awwww look at that smile!!!
christchurch asian wedding 0018

christchurch asian wedding 0027
The happy couple can't wait but it's going to be a wee while yet before they can see each other so they'll have to be content for now with holding hands with the door separating them!
christchurch asian wedding 0019christchurch asian wedding 0020christchurch asian wedding 0021christchurch asian wedding 0022christchurch asian wedding 0023christchurch asian wedding 0024christchurch asian wedding 0025

Love this one of Yixing and her dad.christchurch asian wedding 0026

She is just stunning.
christchurch asian wedding 0028

And now it's time to get married!!!
christchurch asian wedding 0029christchurch asian wedding 0030christchurch asian wedding 0031christchurch asian wedding 0033christchurch asian wedding 0032christchurch asian wedding 0034christchurch asian wedding 0035christchurch asian wedding 0036christchurch asian wedding 0037christchurch asian wedding 0038christchurch asian wedding 0040christchurch asian wedding 0039christchurch asian wedding 0041christchurch asian wedding 0042christchurch asian wedding 0043christchurch asian wedding 0044christchurch asian wedding 0049christchurch asian wedding 0045christchurch asian wedding 0046christchurch asian wedding 0047christchurch asian wedding 0048

Then off to one of my favourite places to shoot - Little Hagley Park!
christchurch asian wedding 0054christchurch asian wedding 0052christchurch asian wedding 0053christchurch asian wedding 0055christchurch asian wedding 0059christchurch asian wedding 0056christchurch asian wedding 0058

Then off to Allen's parents' Hazlenut Farm where there was a small army of friends getting the marquee ready for the rest of the guests to arrive.  Oh and the wind had also picked up a bit so I was hoping for a bit of veil action... didn't think it would fly right off!
christchurch asian wedding 0061d

The couple also had a tea ceremony (and as they told me, they aren't really that traditional because in the teapot was Baileys!).  Although I didn't understand a word of what was being spoken, it was without a doubt, one of the most emotional, loving things I'd ever seen.
christchurch asian wedding 0064christchurch asian wedding 0065christchurch asian wedding 0066christchurch asian wedding 0067christchurch asian wedding 0068christchurch asian wedding 0069

And now it's party time!!!
christchurch asian wedding 0071christchurch asian wedding 0072christchurch asian wedding 0073

When it was Best Man Caleb's turn to speak, he'd also prepared a little something special... This was probably one of the best hakas I'd ever witnessed. It was so full of emotion and passion... words can't describe it but it was awesome!
christchurch asian wedding 0075
christchurch asian wedding 0074

Ok so here's Allen's speech - he not only spoke beautifully and from the heart, he even played the piano and sang "You are so beautiful" to his new wife.  Not a dry eye in the house!
christchurch asian wedding 0076

When it was time for me to leave the dance floor was getting pretty packed.
christchurch asian wedding 0078

I'll leave you with one of my favourites from Allen & Yixing's wedding but I want to say a huge thank you to this wonderful couple.  They are amazing and their many loving friends and family are testament to their wonderful souls.  Lots of love and the very best of luck, you two. xxx
christchurch asian wedding 0060

Dress: Brides of Merivale
Suits: Sergios
Rings: Michael Hill
Flower: Flowers on Cashmere
Hair: Aries on Riccarton (Taka and Hiromi)
Makeup: Fuu Makeup
Photographer: Angela Penn - Ladybug Photography
Venue: Merivale Manor
Church: St Andrew's Presbyterian (Rangi Ruru)
Reception: Hazlenut Farm (Allen's parents' place)

sarah & matt's hampton lea / rossendale wedding

Written by Angela Penn on December 1st, 2014.      0 comments

Oh my gosh, what to say about these guys?  This wedding would have to, without a doubt, be one of THE BEST weddings ever.  It was full of emotion, laughter and love and it was AMAZING. Despite heavy rain warnings, the day was an absolute scorcher, getting up to 30 degress at the ceremony!  Anyway I don't think I can do them justice by writing about their gorgeous day and you're not here to read my waffle so here are some of their images....

hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0001hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0002hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0003

Sarah is one STUNNING bride.
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0004hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0005hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0022

And Erin heads over to see what the boys are up to.
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0006hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0007hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0008

There's just enough room in here for one photographer, one groomsman, one sister of the groom and of course, the groom!
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0009hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0010

Matt's best man, Tiger, is in charge of tieing the ties.  Tiger ties the ties.  Say that fast.
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0011

What a good-looking groom!
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0012hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0013

I love these shots of Matt and his dad just before the ceremony. 
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0014

And then it was time...
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0015hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0016hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0021hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0017hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0018hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0019

Matt's reaction was so lovely.
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0024hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0025

Hampton Lea Gardens sure puts on a beautiful wedding.
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0020hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0026hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0027

So much laughter ... that's what it's all about, right?  Having fun, with your best bud.
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0028hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0029hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0030hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0031hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0032hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0033hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0034hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0035hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0046hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0036hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0037hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0038hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0039hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0040

Sarah and her gorgeous bridesmaids! Great bunch of girls.  x
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0041
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0042hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0043

I think this was the part Sarah's sister Rebecca (to the left of Sarah) says something funny/inappropriate. Probably both.  :)
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0044hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0045

Just as we headed off towards Tai Tapu Lodge, the weather cut up and it was just as well we had this beautiful loft to shoot in. 
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0048hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0049hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0050hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0051hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0052hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0053hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0054hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0055rossendale christchurch wedding 0072
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0056hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0057

Just before we headed in to the reception we took a quick shot in amongst the grapevines (and yes, it was raining so it was a very quick shot!).
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0073

And then into the reception where there were individually labelled envelopes on the tables, and instant cameras which of course were very popular!  I may or may not have photobombed a group of people (it was only the netball boys and they won't mind).  :p
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0058hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0059

Very Vogue guys!
hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0061hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0062hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0063hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0064hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0065hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0066hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0067hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0068hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0069hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0071hampton lea gardens christchurch wedding 0070

Thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU so much for asking me to photograph your amazing, beautiful, heartfelt wedding. I had a blast. xxx

Band: Absolut
Bride & Bridesmaids' dresses:  Davis Bridal
Bridal footwear: Number One Shoes
Cake: Little Miss
Celebrant: John Sellwood
Decorations: Dreams to Reality
Flowers: Hornby Florist
Groom & Groomsmen attire: Barkers
Hair & Makeup: Natural Image Hair & Beauty
Nails: Gemma Clare for Nails
Peony Roses: Tessa Forde & Ann Malloch (family friends)
Rings: Harrington Showcase Jewellers
Second Shooter: Erin McLean - Inspire Images
Singer for ceremony: Tor Sutton
Photographer: Angela Penn - Ladybug Photography
Transportation: Christchurch Limousines
Venue: ceremony - Hampton Lea Gardens
Venue: reception - Rossendale Winery
Wedding night accommodation: Tai Tapu Lodge

Rachelle & Leon's Flock Hill wedding

Written by Angela Penn on November 25th, 2014.      0 comments


corina & daryl's wedding - the sound of sirens

Written by Angela Penn on October 22nd, 2014.      0 comments

Corina & Daryl have been photographed by me for nearly two years, since their gorgeous wee daughter Jade, was born.  I've loved watching Jade grow and it's been my absolute pleasure to see this beautiful family evolve and bond.  So, when they asked me to shoot their wedding, it was a big HECK YES from me.  It's just so exciting to shoot someone you've met a few times before - I LOVE it!

Oh yes, you're wondering about the sirens reference?  Yeah, just me trying to be funny...  Corina & Daryl met through St John and the St John's folk and any reference to St John was prominent on their wedding day, so much so they had an ambulance meet us at Hagley Park.  I'm not sure how they got it there but I don't want to know.  "What goes on at St John... " etc etc.

christchurch wedding langdales 0004christchurch wedding langdales 0005christchurch wedding langdales 0001

When I asked what his name was, Cooper says "big boy!". 
christchurch wedding langdales 0014

This is gorgeous Jade!  Just woked up from a big nap - all ready to celebrate mummy & daddy's wedding day!
christchurch wedding langdales 0015christchurch wedding langdales 0007christchurch wedding langdales 0008christchurch wedding langdales 0009christchurch wedding langdales 0011christchurch wedding langdales 0012

Josie & Brian (Corina's mum and dad) start to get ready.
christchurch wedding langdales 0013christchurch wedding langdales 0018

There's no better time to snuggle with mum than when you have breakfast all over your hands.
christchurch wedding langdales 0019christchurch wedding langdales 0021

Over at the boys' place, Daryl is starting to get ready too. Big thanks to Stuart for second shooting for me!
christchurch wedding langdales 0022christchurch wedding langdales 0025christchurch wedding langdales 0024christchurch wedding langdales 0026christchurch wedding langdales 0031christchurch wedding langdales 0023christchurch wedding langdales 0028christchurch wedding langdales 0027christchurch wedding langdales 0029christchurch wedding langdales 0030christchurch wedding langdales 0036

Back with the girls, we took the opportunity of getting some stunning portraits of Corina (complete with white couch on the lawn!).
christchurch wedding langdales 0032christchurch wedding langdales 0033

The girls arrive at the West Melton airfield, for the first look - exciting!!!!!
christchurch wedding langdales 0037christchurch wedding langdales 0038christchurch wedding langdales 0040christchurch wedding langdales 0042christchurch wedding langdales 0043christchurch wedding langdales 0044christchurch wedding langdales 0045

Corina's brother Lance and dad Brian, look on. 
christchurch wedding langdales 0047christchurch wedding langdales 0046christchurch wedding langdales 0048christchurch wedding langdales 0052christchurch wedding langdales 0053

Then off to Little Hagley Park (by Millbrook Reserve) to check to see if the blubells are still there - and YES, so happy to say they were!  Have to get the ambo shot!
christchurch wedding langdales 0055christchurch wedding langdales 0056christchurch wedding langdales 0058christchurch wedding langdales 0059christchurch wedding langdales 0062

The boys head off to Langdales while the girls (who don't want to turn up exactly on time, right?) take a detour past the pub. 
christchurch wedding langdales 0064christchurch wedding langdales 0065

And then to Langdale Vineyard Restaurant where we're hoping the rain will hold off!  Beautiful setting out here.
christchurch wedding langdales 0066christchurch wedding langdales 0068christchurch wedding langdales 0072christchurch wedding langdales 0069christchurch wedding langdales 0088christchurch wedding langdales 0070christchurch wedding langdales 0079christchurch wedding langdales 0080christchurch wedding langdales 0084christchurch wedding langdales 0089christchurch wedding langdales 0090christchurch wedding langdales 0091christchurch wedding langdales 0096christchurch wedding langdales 0095christchurch wedding langdales 0097christchurch wedding langdales 0100christchurch wedding langdales 0104

Love this shot of wee Stella.  (Thanks to Stu for this one!).
christchurch wedding langdales 0101

Then back inside where it's nice and warm. Oh and there's wine.
christchurch wedding langdales 0106

The shoe game was FUN!!!!!
christchurch wedding langdales 0109christchurch wedding langdales 0113christchurch wedding langdales 0114

I was told I HAD to get the YMCA song as it holds some significance for the St John's guys.  They went NUTS when it was played!  So funny!
christchurch wedding langdales 0118

Hey guys, thank you SO much for inviting me to capture your wedding day. It was so much fun and I think you guys are the best.  Wee Jade is just a darling.  x
christchurch wedding langdales 0116

Venue: Langdale Vineyard
Celebrant: Debbie Hawker
Cake: Fantail Cakes
Cars: Family owned cars
Videography: Soul Reflections
Musician: Tor Sutton
Rings: Terry Banks Jeweller, West Melton
Suits: Sergios
Cufflinks: On the Cuff
Dress: Bought 2nd hand via Still White (2014 Cosmobella Collection)
Brides shoes: Overland
Brides hairpiece & earrings, and fur stole: Grace & Lace
Brides nails: Miss Bliss
Bridesmaids; Dress: Max, Belt: Annah Stretton, Shoes: Hannah's
Bridesmaids jewellery: Merlesque Jewellery Design (Facebook Page)
Makeup: Angela Minson
Hair: Janeen Moir
Flax Flowers (and buttonholes, cake topper, corsage): Flaxation
Photographer: Angela Penn - Ladybug Photography

allen & yixing's sunny engagement shoot

Written by Angela Penn on October 14th, 2014.      0 comments

Wow, what a beautiful day is was on Monday!  Absolutely stunning!  And I got to photograph a stunning couple too. They are SO sweet, and SO cute together and they are so so so in love!!!  I'm buzzing about this shoot and cannot wait until their wedding in January!

Here are a few images from their engagement session.
engagement beach shoot 0001engagement beach shoot 0002engagement beach shoot 0003engagement beach shoot 0004engagement beach shoot 0007engagement beach shoot 0006engagement beach shoot 0008engagement beach shoot 0009engagement beach shoot 0010engagement beach shoot 0011engagement beach shoot 0012engagement beach shoot 0013engagement beach shoot 0014engagement beach shoot 0015engagement beach shoot 0016engagement beach shoot 0017engagement beach shoot 0018engagement beach shoot 0019engagement beach shoot 0020engagement beach shoot 0021engagement beach shoot 0022engagement beach shoot 0023engagement beach shoot 0024engagement beach shoot 0025engagement beach shoot 0026engagement beach shoot 0027

hannah & yohan's love shoot at little hagley park

Written by Angela Penn on October 12th, 2014.      0 comments

We met up on a gorgeous Spring day in Canterbury, and managed to pick the perfect bluebell time!  I LOVE this time of year so to be able to shoot at this time, with a couple so obviously in love made it all the more special!love shoot hagley park 0001love shoot hagley park 0002love shoot hagley park 0003love shoot hagley park 0004love shoot hagley park 0005love shoot hagley park 0006love shoot hagley park 0007love shoot hagley park 0008love shoot hagley park 0009love shoot hagley park 0010love shoot hagley park 0011love shoot hagley park 0012love shoot hagley park 0013love shoot hagley park 0014love shoot hagley park 0015love shoot hagley park 0016love shoot hagley park 0017love shoot hagley park 0018love shoot hagley park 0019love shoot hagley park 0020love shoot hagley park 0021love shoot hagley park 0022love shoot hagley park 0023love shoot hagley park 0024love shoot hagley park 0025love shoot hagley park 0026love shoot hagley park 0027love shoot hagley park 0028

I loved this shoot with you guys, can't wait for the wedding now!  :)

sarah & bassam - engagement session amongst the horses

Written by Angela Penn on October 3rd, 2014.      0 comments

I think it's fair to say Sarah & Bassam and I hit it off straight away - I showed them my sample album - they gave me tea and chocolate.  And then the fun began!

The couple decided on using the Sandow Riding School in Templeton as the backdrop for their engagement shoot as this is where they met, and it couldn't have been more perfect!

engagement shoot on horses 0037
engagement shoot on horses 0001engagement shoot on horses 0002engagement shoot on horses 0003engagement shoot on horses 0004engagement shoot on horses 0005

These two are just so cute and laughed and giggled their way through the whole session!
engagement shoot on horses 0006engagement shoot on horses 0007engagement shoot on horses 0008engagement shoot on horses 0009engagement shoot on horses 0010engagement shoot on horses 0012engagement shoot on horses 0013engagement shoot on horses 0011engagement shoot on horses 0014engagement shoot on horses 0015engagement shoot on horses 0016engagement shoot on horses 0017engagement shoot on horses 0018

Sefton thinks they're pretty funny...
engagement shoot on horses 0019engagement shoot on horses 0020engagement shoot on horses 0021engagement shoot on horses 0022engagement shoot on horses 0023engagement shoot on horses 0024engagement shoot on horses 0026engagement shoot on horses 0027engagement shoot on horses 0028engagement shoot on horses 0036engagement shoot on horses 0029engagement shoot on horses 0030engagement shoot on horses 0032engagement shoot on horses 0033engagement shoot on horses 0035

Sarah & Bassam, I had SO much fun at your engagement shoot and you guys are so lovely to shoot! Can't wait for your big day. x

laura & jack's flock hill wedding

Written by Angela Penn on May 30th, 2014.      0 comments

Laura & Jack got married in the very picturesque Flock Hill Lodge and we were not disappointed as this stunning day unfolded!

I met the girls at Castle Hill where they were getting ready, and the day looked a little like this... 
flock hill wedding photography 0065

Laura's gorgeous dress and shoes.... eeeeee!
flock hill wedding photography 0001flock hill wedding photography 0002flock hill wedding photography 0003

Yes, that's the Batman logo.  There was a bit of Batman going on today.  :)
flock hill wedding photography 0004flock hill wedding photography 0005flock hill wedding photography 0006flock hill wedding photography 0007flock hill wedding photography 0008flock hill wedding photography 0009flock hill wedding photography 0010flock hill wedding photography 0011flock hill wedding photography 0012

Jack takes a quiet moment to open Laura's gift.
flock hill wedding photography 0013flock hill wedding photography 0015

I LOVE this shot of Jack and his dad.  Big thanks to Kelly Shakespeare who was my second shooter for the day!
flock hill wedding photography 0016flock hill wedding photography 0017

Laura is a STUNNING bride.
flock hill wedding photography 0018flock hill wedding photography 0019

Time to open Jack's gift.
flock hill wedding photography 0020flock hill wedding photography 0021flock hill wedding photography 0022

These girls were FANTASTIC!  Had such a great day with them.  :)
flock hill wedding photography 0023flock hill wedding photography 0024

Nearly time to leave...
flock hill wedding photography 0025flock hill wedding photography 0026flock hill wedding photography 0028

The handsome groom and his mates.
flock hill wedding photography 0029flock hill wedding photography 0031flock hill wedding photography 0030

There's that Batman theme popping up again...
flock hill wedding photography 0032flock hill wedding photography 0033

THE most stunning view.
flock hill wedding photography 0034

Jack's groomsmen were hilarious!  Quite a few photos did NOT make it onto the blog as this is a child-friendly show.  ;)
flock hill wedding photography 0035

Here comes the beautiful bride with her proud dad.
flock hill wedding photography 0036flock hill wedding photography 0037flock hill wedding photography 0038flock hill wedding photography 0039flock hill wedding photography 0040flock hill wedding photography 0041flock hill wedding photography 0042flock hill wedding photography 0043flock hill wedding photography 0044

The guests soak up the view while we shoot off for the creative part.
flock hill wedding photography 0045flock hill wedding photography 0046flock hill wedding photography 0047flock hill wedding photography 0048

Yep, all going according to plan... nice barn shot.  And then....
flock hill wedding photography 0049

This little piggy...
flock hill wedding photography 0050flock hill wedding photography 0051flock hill wedding photography 0052

Oh my gosh girl, you are beautiful!!!
flock hill wedding photography 0053flock hill wedding photography 0054flock hill wedding photography 0055

Jack harnesses his inner Gandalf.
flock hill wedding photography 0056flock hill wedding photography 0057flock hill wedding photography 0058flock hill wedding photography 0059

Lots of hilarity during the speeches.
flock hill wedding photography 0060

And at nightfall we all went outside to pay tribute to friends and family who have passed away.
flock hill wedding photography 0061flock hill wedding photography 0062flock hill wedding photography 0063flock hill wedding photography 0064

Laura & Jack - your wedding was amazing and I am so honoured to have been part of your celebration. Your attention to detail was perfect (photographer's dream) and your friends and family (especially your crazy bridal party) were the best.  xxx

Photographer: Angela Penn
Second shooter: Kelly Shakespeare
Venue: Flock Hill
Laura Getting Ready: Castle Hill Village
Rings: Laura - Made by Mason Carter, Jack - ra
Music: Rachel Hamilton (Ceremony & Canapes), DJ Adam
Cake: Family Friend
Dress & Bridesmaids: Online
Shoes: America
Suits: Halenstiens
Celebrant: Morgan Williams
Cars: Hired
Flowers: Family Friend
Giant Jenga: Celebrate and Party
Decorations: Laura

john & sally's beautiful port levy wedding

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John & Sally's wedding day was only a couple of days after we had that huge storm - they were one of the last to get power put back on and they still managed to put on an absolutely beautiful wedding celebration!  The weather behaved itself and was lovely the whole day.

First, I went to see the girls getting ready at Peak Homestead in Pigeon Bay, (where John's grandparents raised 9 children!).  On the way there were a few slips on the road but everything was well signposted, even telling me how to drive. :)
craw port levy wedding 0001craw port levy wedding 0069craw port levy wedding 0003craw port levy wedding 0004

Sally's wee girl Stella, showed me around the house.
craw port levy wedding 0011craw port levy wedding 0013

And I found Sally's dad watching The Princess Bride (one of my all time favourite movies - but you don't want your celebrant watching it - "mawwiage").  He was pretending to do his crossword....
craw port levy wedding 0006craw port levy wedding 0007craw port levy wedding 0005
craw port levy wedding 0008craw port levy wedding 0009

Stella was wearing her great-grandmother's locket.
craw port levy wedding 0010craw port levy wedding 0015craw port levy wedding 0012craw port levy wedding 0014

Then I whizzed over to Port Levy for the ceremony at the couple's beautiful home.  You should see their view!
craw port levy wedding 0016

First of all though, the setup in the marquee was sooo beautiful!
craw port levy wedding 0017

And that cake... (YES, it's a cake!!!).  Beautiful.
craw port levy wedding 0018craw port levy wedding 0070

This is Darcy, Sally's second son. He's cheeky.  And adorable!
craw port levy wedding 0020

And then the girls arrive! First up, it's bridesmaid Emma and Stella. Gorgeous, girls!
craw port levy wedding 0021craw port levy wedding 0022

The boys!
craw port levy wedding 0023

They got married at the bottom of the garden.  I was always told there were fairies at the bottom of the garden...
craw port levy wedding 0024craw port levy wedding 0025craw port levy wedding 0027craw port levy wedding 0060craw port levy wedding 0028

Sally's eldest boy Finn, reads beautifully.
craw port levy wedding 0029
craw port levy wedding 0031craw port levy wedding 0030craw port levy wedding 0032

Sealing the deal!
craw port levy wedding 0061craw port levy wedding 0034
craw port levy wedding 0035craw port levy wedding 0063craw port levy wedding 0037craw port levy wedding 0038craw port levy wedding 0040craw port levy wedding 0041craw port levy wedding 0042craw port levy wedding 0039

Then a quick drive up the farm to this fabulous spot.
craw port levy wedding 0043craw port levy wedding 0050craw port levy wedding 0044craw port levy wedding 0051craw port levy wedding 0045craw port levy wedding 0046craw port levy wedding 0053craw port levy wedding 0052craw port levy wedding 0047craw port levy wedding 0048craw port levy wedding 0049

And finally down to the Port Levy wharf.  What an absolutely gorgeous setting.
craw port levy wedding 0064craw port levy wedding 0065craw port levy wedding 0066craw port levy wedding 0067

Sally and John, it was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with you and your lovely friends and family.  All the best for the future. x
craw port levy wedding 0068

Girls getting ready - Peak Homestead
Photographer - Angela Penn
Celebrant - Olive Screen
Flowers - Olive Screen (clever lady!)
All dresses and little boys shirts - Sally's mum (another clever lady!)
Mens' shirts - Calvin Klein
Mens' and Boys pants and waistcoats - Mr Seggios
Mens' hats - Possum Boutique on Trademe
Rings - Stewart Dawsons
Caterer - Vicky McSherry vickylala369@hotmail.com (food was awesome)
Bride and bridesmaid shoes - Fairyfeet
String quartet organised by Gerald Oliver

emma & mike's beautiful french farm wedding

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These guys are the cutest couple - Mike is super funny, Emma is sooo sweet (and have I mentioned that infectious giggle?) and I felt like I was shooting a friend's wedding.  They first got together in Akaroa, got engaged in Akaroa and have got married here too. It's a very very special place for this fun-loving couple. And these two are my kind of people! 

Being February the weather was meant to behave and be beautifully sunny and shine down on them and their friends in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at French Farm in Akaroa.  But it didn't. And you know what? It didn't matter.  They each married the love of their life in front of friends and family and I was so happy to be there. 

At the boy's place it was cruisy and overcast.  And jokes a-plenty.  I don't think these guys stopped laughing.
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0001akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0011akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0002akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0003akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0004

And then... dum, dum, duuuum!
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0005akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0006

MIke had to knot all the boys' ties for them.  And then he licked his hanky and wiped their faces. Haha jokes...
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0007akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0008akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0009

This was meant to be the "serious school photo" shot.  (Mike's a school teacher).
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0010

At the girls' house things were just as relaxed.  And Emma looked beeeeautiful!!!
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0012akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0019akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0013akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0014akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0015akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0016akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0017akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0018akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0020akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0021

Emma's twin sister Amy, steals a sneak peek.
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0022

Emma's dad paces nervously downstairs...  Actually he was eating chips. And I don't think he was nervous. I just made that bit up for effect.
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0023akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0024akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0025akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0026akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0087akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0027

So gorgeous, Emma. x
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0028

And just enough time for a portrait each of the bridesmaids - don't you love their dresses?  Such lovely lovely girls, too.  :)
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0029

So many times I wanted to stop on the way to French Farm.  So many pretty things to take photos of!
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0030akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0031akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0040

Mike & Emma had originally planned to use these bikes.  The seats were a tad wet so we took the car instead.
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0032akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0033akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0034akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0035akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0036akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0037akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0039akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0038akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0041akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0042akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0043akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0044akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0045

Hamish keeps a lookout for the bride...
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0046

And so do the guests.
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0049akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0047

Sean was the celebrant - he was awesome!  So funny.  And so accurate with his assessment of people. He called me the best photographer in the world... well, he would know, right?  ;)
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0048

Mike goes over his lines...
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0050

While the paparazzi wait in the bushes.
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0051akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0052akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0053akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0054akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0057akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0058akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0059akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0060

There's no way you can mess up the words when it's right beside your bride's head!
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0061akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0062akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0063akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0064akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0065akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0066akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0067akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0068

These guys were super organised, taking me to a couple of places they'd scoped out earlier.  Magic!
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0069akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0072akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0088akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0074akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0073akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0075akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0076akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0077akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0078akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0079akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0080akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0086akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0081akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0082akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0084akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0085

Back at French Farm, guests were toasty warm and dry.
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0089

Emma & Mike had written personalised notes on the back of everyone's name tags.  Amazing.
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0090akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0091akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0092akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0093akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0094

Emma's dad Neil, kicks off the speeches.  Apparently Mike did the traditional thing and asked Neil if he could marry Emma.  The actual "asking her to marry him" bit took a while but he got there!
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0095

Mike works on his rebuttal....
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0096akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0098

And as I was driving home, the sun finally peeked out through the clouds, to bless their beautiful day. xxx
akaroa wedding photographer french farm 0099

If you want to see Mike & Emma's engagement shoot, click here!

Photographer - Angela Penn
Dress - Mike's mum Bridget
Brides shoes - Fascino Shoes
Rings - brides band Mason and Carter Merivale.  Engagement ring - Antique- Opulence Antiques Timaru
Boys suits -  Munns and Halensteins
Bridesmaid dresses - Belleza Boutique
Celebrant - Sean Joyce (if you want a celebrant with a great sense of humour, Sean is fantastic)
Flowers - Bouquets, Ilam Florist.  Rable flowers - Mike's mum Bridget
Cake and cake jars - Sugar Baby Cakery
Vintage bikes - Vintage Peddler

geoff & kate's beautiful, casual, wonderful wedding celebration

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This is my brother's wedding and I was SO excited to shoot it. Weddings are so special for me as the photographer at a 'normal' wedding but being involved in my brother's wedding was just so much more emotional. Especially when editing them - I felt as if I got to live the day all over again.

Geoff and Kate actually got married in front of a handful of family back in October last year, as Kate's dad was very sick.  He did manage to give her away, something that Kate was adamant was going to happen.  Kate's beloved dad, Gerald, passed away four days later.  The 22 of February was the date of their original wedding, so they decided to celebrate their marriage - this time, in front of all their friends and family.

I do apologise in advance, if you've stumbled across my website, decided to read my blog - this post has a LOT of photos.  :)

That day it was scorching hot.  We all started off in the marquee to cool down and to grab a few quick family photographs before the kids start to expire.  These gorgeous kiddies are my cousin's children. 
christchurch wedding photographer 0140christchurch wedding photographer 0141

Uncle Pete is raring to go!
christchurch wedding photographer 0143
Even I managed to get in a photo!  This is me and my beautiful daughter. 
christchurch wedding photographer 0142
And then it was time for the ceremony!
christchurch wedding photographer 0150

My little brother. :)
christchurch wedding photographer 0144
My other little brother.  (In the police uniform).  :)
christchurch wedding photographer 0145christchurch wedding photographer 0146christchurch wedding photographer 0147christchurch wedding photographer 0148christchurch wedding photographer 0151

Kate's brother Ashley starts out with Kate's sisters Signe & Helen, who is holding the couple's baby girl, Bridget. x
christchurch wedding photographer 0152

Kate's mum Chris and her brother Robert walk her down the aisle.
christchurch wedding photographer 0153christchurch wedding photographer 0154christchurch wedding photographer 0155

Love this one of Geoff, as he watches his wife walk towards him. 
christchurch wedding photographer 0156christchurch wedding photographer 0157christchurch wedding photographer 0158christchurch wedding photographer 0159christchurch wedding photographer 0160christchurch wedding photographer 0161christchurch wedding photographer 0162

My sister Beck, performs a reading.  Just. (Long story).
christchurch wedding photographer 0163christchurch wedding photographer 0164christchurch wedding photographer 0165christchurch wedding photographer 0166christchurch wedding photographer 0167christchurch wedding photographer 0168christchurch wedding photographer 0169christchurch wedding photographer 0170christchurch wedding photographer 0171christchurch wedding photographer 0172christchurch wedding photographer 0173christchurch wedding photographer 0174christchurch wedding photographer 0175christchurch wedding photographer 0176christchurch wedding photographer 0177christchurch wedding photographer 0178christchurch wedding photographer 0179christchurch wedding photographer 0180
christchurch wedding photographer 0181christchurch wedding photographer 0182
christchurch wedding photographer 0183christchurch wedding photographer 0184

Family photo time!
christchurch wedding photographer 0185

Was weird handing over my camera for my shots!  And yes, I'm wearing jandals..
christchurch wedding photographer 0186christchurch wedding photographer 0187

Then down the road for some shots with the bridal party.
christchurch wedding photographer 0188christchurch wedding photographer 0217christchurch wedding photographer 0218christchurch wedding photographer 0219christchurch wedding photographer 0220christchurch wedding photographer 0271
Kate and her sisters, Helen & Signe.
christchurch wedding photographer 0270christchurch wedding photographer 0224

Now for the boys. Awww... so proud of him!
christchurch wedding photographer 0225

Steve & Dan.
christchurch wedding photographer 0226christchurch wedding photographer 0228christchurch wedding photographer 0229
Signe, Chris (Kate's mum), Kate and Helen.  I am so happy to say I'm now related to these lovely ladies.  xxx
christchurch wedding photographer 0232christchurch wedding photographer 0231

Dan, Dan, Geoff's Grooms-man. (Sorry, had to say that). Hah, and you thought I wouldn't post these. NEVER act the goat in front of a photographer.  :)
christchurch wedding photographer 0227

Our kids call Kate "Aunty Doctor Captain Kate". Because she is. And she has the medical bandage on the car to prove it.
christchurch wedding photographer 0233

Reception time!
christchurch wedding photographer 0234

Our mum passed away 4 years ago, and Kate's dad Gerald, in September last year.  Was lovely that we could honour and remember them both and we know that they are looking down at us, and would be so so proud of Geoff & Kate today. Although mum liked to say, she'd be looking up at us. 
christchurch wedding photographer 0235

What a glorious day and a beautiful setting.
christchurch wedding photographer 0236christchurch wedding photographer 0237christchurch wedding photographer 0238christchurch wedding photographer 0239
christchurch wedding photographer 0245christchurch wedding photographer 0246
Dad kicks off the speeches.
christchurch wedding photographer 0250christchurch wedding photographer 0251christchurch wedding photographer 0252christchurch wedding photographer 0253christchurch wedding photographer 0254christchurch wedding photographer 0255christchurch wedding photographer 0256christchurch wedding photographer 0257christchurch wedding photographer 0258
My very talented sister, Tor, sings them a song...
christchurch wedding photographer 0259christchurch wedding photographer 0260
I love this shot of my sister, Beck.
christchurch wedding photographer 0261christchurch wedding photographer 0262christchurch wedding photographer 0263christchurch wedding photographer 0264christchurch wedding photographer 0265
Holly gets up to sing and blows me away.  Gave me goosebumps and I'm so proud of her. xxx
christchurch wedding photographer 0267christchurch wedding photographer 0268christchurch wedding photographer 0269

Kate & Geoff - it was my absolute pleasure to document your day.  You guys and Bridget are loved very much and we're so happy to be able to celebrate your day. xxx
christchurch wedding photographer 0247christchurch wedding photographer 0248christchurch wedding photographer 0249


caroline & david's fun rossendale wedding

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These guys are FUN! Can you tell?

After a whirlwind romance, David popped the question to Caroline and of course she said yes.  These two are crazy. They speak cat to each other (and apparently have whole conversations in cat).  They are so very much in love and it is so obvious to everyone around them.  You guys warm my heart - thank you so much for allowing me to be your photographer. x

After some quite disturbingly heavy rain, this is what I saw when I left my house. The most beautiful double rainbow which, for the couple, was definitlely a good omen (not bad for photographers either!)
christchurch wedding photographer 0001

At the girls' camp, things were going smoothly thanks to Lucy Harvey & her team.
christchurch wedding photographer 0007christchurch wedding photographer 0002christchurch wedding photographer 0003christchurch wedding photographer 0004christchurch wedding photographer 0005christchurch wedding photographer 0020christchurch wedding photographer 0006christchurch wedding photographer 0008christchurch wedding photographer 0009christchurch wedding photographer 0010christchurch wedding photographer 0011christchurch wedding photographer 0012christchurch wedding photographer 0016christchurch wedding photographer 0013

I love this. Caroline steps outside for a few quiet moments.
christchurch wedding photographer 0014christchurch wedding photographer 0015christchurch wedding photographer 0017christchurch wedding photographer 0018christchurch wedding photographer 0019christchurch wedding photographer 0021
christchurch wedding photographer 0022

And the sun kept shining...
christchurch wedding photographer 0023

The boys were looking very dapper!
christchurch wedding photographer 0024christchurch wedding photographer 0029

Caroline made the coursages - isn't she clever?!
christchurch wedding photographer 0034
christchurch wedding photographer 0025christchurch wedding photographer 0026christchurch wedding photographer 0027christchurch wedding photographer 0028christchurch wedding photographer 0030christchurch wedding photographer 0031christchurch wedding photographer 0032christchurch wedding photographer 0033

cashmere presbyterian church christchurchchristchurch wedding photographer 0042christchurch wedding photographer 0043christchurch wedding photographer 0041christchurch wedding photographer 0036christchurch wedding photographer 0037christchurch wedding photographer 0038christchurch wedding photographer 0039christchurch wedding photographer 0044christchurch wedding photographer 0045christchurch wedding photographer 0046christchurch wedding photographer 0047christchurch wedding photographer 0048christchurch wedding photographer 0050christchurch wedding photographer 0049christchurch wedding photographer 0051christchurch wedding photographer 0052christchurch wedding photographer 0053christchurch wedding photographer 0054

And then... a flash mob, started by the bride herself, singing "Going to the Chapel".
christchurch wedding photographer 0055christchurch wedding photographer 0056christchurch wedding photographer 0058-2christchurch wedding photographer 0059christchurch wedding photographer 0057christchurch wedding photographer 0118christchurch wedding photographer 0060christchurch wedding photographer 0063christchurch wedding photographer 0070christchurch wedding photographer 0071christchurch wedding photographer 0072christchurch wedding photographer 0064christchurch wedding photographer 0065christchurch wedding photographer 0066christchurch wedding photographer 0067christchurch wedding photographer 0068christchurch wedding photographer 0069

Then off to the Port Hills for some shots of the bridal party.  We were SO lucky with the weather.  Plus I had so much fun with these girls. :)
christchurch wedding photographer 0119christchurch wedding photographer 0121christchurch wedding photographer 0122christchurch wedding photographer 0123christchurch wedding photographer 0120christchurch wedding photographer 0078christchurch wedding photographer 0079christchurch wedding photographer 0080christchurch wedding photographer 0082christchurch wedding photographer 0083christchurch wedding photographer 0084christchurch wedding photographer 0085christchurch wedding photographer 0081

Then to Rossendale Winery before the ran came ... and it SO came!
christchurch wedding photographer 0086christchurch wedding photographer 0087christchurch wedding photographer 0088christchurch wedding photographer 0089christchurch wedding photographer 0090christchurch wedding photographer 0091christchurch wedding photographer 0093christchurch wedding photographer 0094christchurch wedding photographer 0095

Then the rain cleared...
christchurch wedding photographer 0092

And the most beautiful steam was rising off the road... so I MADE Caroline and David come outside for a quicky.
christchurch wedding photographer 0097
christchurch wedding photographer 0098christchurch wedding photographer 0099christchurch wedding photographer 0128christchurch wedding photographer 0127

It's no show without punch.  Fiona & Craig (in the middle) are honorary bridesmaids.
christchurch wedding photographer 0100

Back inside for speeches and cutting of the cake.  These two are David's niece & nephew - soooo cute!
christchurch wedding photographer 0096christchurch wedding photographer 0125christchurch wedding photographer 0126christchurch wedding photographer 0129christchurch wedding photographer 0130christchurch wedding photographer 0131christchurch wedding photographer 0132christchurch wedding photographer 0133christchurch wedding photographer 0134christchurch wedding photographer 0135

Reuben's best man speech was awesome.
christchurch wedding photographer 0137christchurch wedding photographer 0138christchurch wedding photographer 0136
christchurch wedding photographer 0101christchurch wedding photographer 0106christchurch wedding photographer 0102

A few last portraits before we lose the light....
christchurch wedding photographer 0103christchurch wedding photographer 0104christchurch wedding photographer 0105

Just in time for the first dance.
christchurch wedding photographer 0107christchurch wedding photographer 0114christchurch wedding photographer 0108christchurch wedding photographer 0109christchurch wedding photographer 0110christchurch wedding photographer 0111christchurch wedding photographer 0112christchurch wedding photographer 0113

Singer Caroline, gets up to sing "Fever" and of course, David has to sing "Sweet Caroline"!
christchurch wedding photographer 0124

And so this is where I left the night...
christchurch wedding photographer 0116christchurch wedding photographer 0117

It was awesome.

Photographer - Angela Penn
Hair & Makeup - Lucy Harvey
Caroline's dress - Aliciar Bridal
Bridesmaid's dresses - Aliciar Bridal
David's suit - Germanicos
Groomsmens' suits - Sergios
Flowers - Shalamar Florist & Gifts
Church - Cashmere Presbyterian
Reception venue - Rossendale Winery
Wedding decorations - Dreams to Reality
Band - Sammy J & The Cucumbers

abbey & isaac's omarino wine park wedding

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Abbey & Isaac have been married one week today!  Last Saturday (and it was another beautiful day here in Christchurch) they were married in front of their friends and family at Omarino Wine Park.  It's been a hell of a couple of years for their families and it was so lovely to see everyone coming together for this happy happy occasion.

The boys were in fine form when I arrived, already dressed and having a few quiets.
christchurch wedding photographer 0001christchurch wedding photographer 0020christchurch wedding photographer 0002christchurch wedding photographer 0004christchurch wedding photographer 0018christchurch wedding photographer 0019christchurch wedding photographer 0003christchurch wedding photographer 0006

The happy groom.
christchurch wedding photographer 0005christchurch wedding photographer 0015
Isaac checks in on Facebook at Christchurch Airport and awaits the barrage of comments ....
christchurch wedding photographer 0007christchurch wedding photographer 0008

Over in the girls camp it is just as relaxed.
christchurch wedding photographer 0013christchurch wedding photographer 0014christchurch wedding photographer 0012christchurch wedding photographer 0023

The bridesmaids steal Abbey's phone for a quick pic.  And then it's time to get the bride into her dress!
christchurch wedding photographer 0024christchurch wedding photographer 0010christchurch wedding photographer 0011

Abbey's cute wee face is just priceless.  Love it!!!
christchurch wedding photographer 0025christchurch wedding photographer 0026christchurch wedding photographer 0027christchurch wedding photographer 0028christchurch wedding photographer 0029christchurch wedding photographer 0030christchurch wedding photographer 0031christchurch wedding photographer 0032christchurch wedding photographer 0033christchurch wedding photographer 0034christchurch wedding photographer 0035christchurch wedding photographer 0036christchurch wedding photographer 0037christchurch wedding photographer 0038christchurch wedding photographer 0039christchurch wedding photographer 0040christchurch wedding photographer 0041christchurch wedding photographer 0043christchurch wedding photographer 0042christchurch wedding photographer 0045christchurch wedding photographer 0044christchurch wedding photographer 0046christchurch wedding photographer 0047christchurch wedding photographer 0048christchurch wedding photographer 0049

The food was goooood!  (Huh, Camilla?).
christchurch wedding photographer 0050christchurch wedding photographer 0051christchurch wedding photographer 0052christchurch wedding photographer 0053christchurch wedding photographer 0054christchurch wedding photographer 0055christchurch wedding photographer 0056christchurch wedding photographer 0057christchurch wedding photographer 0058christchurch wedding photographer 0060christchurch wedding photographer 0061christchurch wedding photographer 0062christchurch wedding photographer 0063christchurch wedding photographer 0069christchurch wedding photographer 0064christchurch wedding photographer 0066christchurch wedding photographer 0067christchurch wedding photographer 0068christchurch wedding photographer 0065

You guys are just toooo cute together!  Thank you so much for asking me to be part of your beautiful day. xxx

emma & mike are engaged!

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I met up with Emma & Mike for their engagement shoot this week and we used gorgeous Taylor's Mistake as our backdrop. Fred, their fur baby came along for the ride and boy does he keep them on their toes!  Mike pretended he didn't like being in front of the camera but my camera knows better and Emma has THE most infectious giggle I've ever heard.  That giggle, is absolutely beautiful.
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0001engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0002

No, this isn't Mike.  I just snapped this poor guy as he was riding.  :)
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0003

Ah, here they are!
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0004engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0005engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0006engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0007engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0008engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0009engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0010engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0011

And wherever Mike & Emma are, Fred isn't far away.
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0012engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0013engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0014engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0015engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0017engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0018engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0019engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0022engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0023engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0025engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0028engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0029engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0030engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0032engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0033

Fred is looking for his biscuit. Hehe.
engagement & wedding photographer christchurch canterbury 0034

Can't wait to shoot your wedding guys - February is just around the corner!  x

Jo & Mark's Langdale Vineyard wedding

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Joanna & Mark are the kind of lovely souls that you know are meant to be together.  You can tell by the way they look at each other that their love is real and strong.  When I was going through their images I got goose bumps looking through their ceremony photos and the way Mark looks at Jo ... well it just melts my heart. You'd better just keep looking for yourself because my words don't do them justice.

christchurch wedding photographers 0001

When I got to Jo's parents' house a leisurely breakfast was going on.
christchurch wedding photographers 0002

So I snuck out to get some dress shots.  :)
christchurch wedding photographers 0004christchurch wedding photographers 0005christchurch wedding photographers 0003christchurch wedding photographers 0060

And then I find the couples' beautiful daughter, Isabella. She doesn't mind the camera, not one bit!
christchurch wedding photographers 0007
christchurch wedding photographers 0009christchurch wedding photographers 0010christchurch wedding photographers 0008

A bit of last-minute lippy...
christchurch wedding photographers 0011christchurch wedding photographers 0012christchurch wedding photographers 0013

Jo's best friend & bridesmaid, Michele.
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And now it's time for me to see Mark at Langdale Vineyard Restaurant!
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Mark and his best man, Marty, have been friends since they were 3!  Now that's a friendship that has stood the test of time!
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Mark's gorgeous wee mum.
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And when wee Isabella arrives with Jo's mum Sarah, all eyes were on her and her daddy.
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Check out this shot of Mark, while I was photographing Jo.  He's absolutely stoked.  Love it.
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Jo & Mark, thank you SO much for asking me to shoot your wedding.  It was an absolute pleasure and an honour.  I can't wait to see where your lives will take you now.  Ang  x

PS if you'd like to see Jo & Mark's Christchurch Botanic Gardens engagement shoot, click here!

Photographer - Angela Penn
Jo’s dress;
Fabric from Grace & Lace
Dressmaker – Philippa Maunsell
Suits – Sergios
Rings – Martinovish Jewellers
Hair – Jodi Percy
Makeup – Kylie Harpur
Shoes – Mimco
Venue – Langdale Vineyard Restaurant

kylie & stu {married) - Akaroa 26 October 2013

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Wow.  Wow.  WOW!  I love these guys so much - such beautiful people and gorgeous hearts.  Ok so where to begin....  I met Kylie for a coffee catch up when she was sussing out photographers and we hit it off straight away. Hugged in the carpark type stuff. So she pretty much had to book me based on that.  Then I met a very quiet Stu at their engagement session - luckily for him, he comes with his trusty sidekick, the couple's (then) 10 week old son, Arlo (I know right?  Cute name).  Fast forward a few months and here we are in beautiful Akaroa, getting married at Mt Vernon Lodge.

Kylie & Stu meet when their eyes locked onto each other in a dingy pub one night... kidding, kidding. She's from the West Coast and he's a pom.  He was working over here and happened to go to the Kaikoura Seafest where they met.  Stu was meant to come home 2 months later but hello, falls in love instead!  So glad they did because I got to shoot their stunning wedding!

akaroa wedding photographer 0040akaroa wedding photographer 0041

Stu's awesome ring is made from a 1937 half crown.  So cool!
akaroa wedding photographer 0023

My lovely friend Kelly Shakespeare helped out on the day and got some great shots of the boys getting ready.
akaroa wedding photographer 0024akaroa wedding photographer 0025akaroa wedding photographer 0026akaroa wedding photographer 0027

The boys discover no holes for the cuff links.  So using a bit of Kiwi ingenuity (a craft knife) they fashion the holes themselves.
akaroa wedding photographer 0029
akaroa wedding photographer 0028

After all that hard work, it's time for a drink.
akaroa wedding photographer 0045

akaroa wedding photographer 0030akaroa wedding photographer 0031akaroa wedding photographer 0032akaroa wedding photographer 0033

Let's rock 'n' roll!
akaroa wedding photographer 0034

But time for one last 'cheers'.
akaroa wedding photographer 0037akaroa wedding photographer 0038

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Meanwhile back at the girls' camp... 
akaroa wedding photographer 0061akaroa wedding photographer 0058akaroa wedding photographer 0059akaroa wedding photographer 0060

Just gorgeous. x
akaroa wedding photographer 0048akaroa wedding photographer 0050
akaroa wedding photographer 0051

This girl loves to laugh and her laugh is infectious.
akaroa wedding photographer 0052akaroa wedding photographer 0054akaroa wedding photographer 0053akaroa wedding photographer 0055

akaroa wedding photographer 0131

And then the girls spot the boys walking to the ceremony...
akaroa wedding photographer 0056akaroa wedding photographer 0062

Let the fun... begin!
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Meet Arlo!  He's now 10 months old!  Such a cutie-pie!
akaroa wedding photographer 0079akaroa wedding photographer 0081akaroa wedding photographer 0078
akaroa wedding photographer 0083akaroa wedding photographer 0084

Then we went off road up the 'hill'.  Was a tad windy.  Just a tad....
akaroa wedding photographer 0126
akaroa wedding photographer 0088akaroa wedding photographer 0089akaroa wedding photographer 0087akaroa wedding photographer 0092

I can see your house from here!!!!!
akaroa wedding photographer 0095akaroa wedding photographer 0097akaroa wedding photographer 0128akaroa wedding photographer 0127akaroa wedding photographer 0101

After dropping the bridal party back to the reception, we headed off into Akaroa for a romantic walk along the pier. 
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Gosh you guys - way to make it so hard to choose images for your blog - too cute!!!  Can't wait to show you the rest.  xxx

Photographer - Angela Penn
Kylie's Dress - Annah Stretton
Shoes - Mia Piaci
Bridesmaids' dresses - ASOS
Mens' suits - Hallensteins
Hair & Makeup - Niki Holmes
Catering - The Trading Rooms
Venue - Mt Vernon Lodge
Band - Acoustic Solution

abbey & isaac's (belated) engagement session!

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Oops I slipped up! I was meant to post this back in March when I actually shot this session but somehow I didn't and I get a message from Abbey today asking if I was going to do a blog post for them - of COURSE, I say!  And here it is...  So this is why the foliage looks so awesomely Autumnal - it's because it WAS Autumn back in March!

These two met at D&A where they were both studying photography. Then Abbey left for a bit and came back and it was all on! Ok, ok, I don't know if it was "all on" but in my head it happened like that.

Anyway skip forward a couple of years and they've stuck together through thick and thin, have been through some amazingly rough patches and have come out the other side ok.  They get married next year at Omarino Wine Park and I cannot wait.  I know it's going to be one of those "get your hankies out" type weddings.  I'll make sure I bring mine.

So we met at the beautiful Christchurch Botanic Gardens and of course it was amazing there with all the leaves on the ground.  (Little did Abbey know what Isaac was going to do...).  When I was editing these photos I kept using my Miss Piggy voice saying "kissy kissy!" the whole time. These guys are so super cute and kissy kissy.

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laura + jack got engaged

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Laura and Jack are one of those super awesome couples who are so in love, it radiates from them.  They will also make awesome parents.  Do you know how I know this?  Because of Archie.  He's two and no, he's not their human toddler.  He's the most gorgeous puppy dog with the most gorgeous soft coat and big brown eyes you've ever seen.  In fact I was keen to trade him in for my two kids.

Anyway, we met at Halswell Quarry which is a well known dog park in Christchurch. It was an absolutely stunning day - the sun was shining, the blossom was out and it just made me happy.

halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0002
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Yussss, I got it!!!
halswell quarry christchurch engagement photographer 0046

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Angela Penn is a member of the NZIPP & qualified portrait photographer in Christchurch, New Zealand and is absolutely passionate about photographing people.



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