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Amanda & Simon's sunny Cossars wedding

Written by Angela Penn on March 26th, 2015.      0 comments

Wow, this day could not have been more different weather-wise! It started off looking pretty miserable but ended up being a scorcher!  These two must be blessed!
cossars wineshed wedding 0066

So the day started like this... overcast, grey, drizzly. Inside was a hive of activity and the smell of breakfast was DIVINE. 
cossars wineshed wedding 0003cossars wineshed wedding 0004cossars wineshed wedding 0005cossars wineshed wedding 0006cossars wineshed wedding 0007

Everything was nice and relaxed.
cossars wineshed wedding 0008

Just for the record, it's gold and cream.  ;P
cossars wineshed wedding 0009cossars wineshed wedding 0010cossars wineshed wedding 0011cossars wineshed wedding 0012cossars wineshed wedding 0013cossars wineshed wedding 0014cossars wineshed wedding 0015

Over with the girls things were equally relaxed!
cossars wineshed wedding 0017

I LOVED these girls!  I had so much fun hanging out with this bridal party!
cossars wineshed wedding 0018cossars wineshed wedding 0030cossars wineshed wedding 0019cossars wineshed wedding 0020cossars wineshed wedding 0021cossars wineshed wedding 0022cossars wineshed wedding 0024cossars wineshed wedding 0025cossars wineshed wedding 0026cossars wineshed wedding 0027cossars wineshed wedding 0028cossars wineshed wedding 0029cossars wineshed wedding 0031

And then it was off to the gorgeous Cossars! (I love shooting here).
cossars wineshed wedding 0060cossars wineshed wedding 0033cossars wineshed wedding 0034cossars wineshed wedding 0035cossars wineshed wedding 0036cossars wineshed wedding 0037cossars wineshed wedding 0038

Love these moments - Simon dropped the ring!
cossars wineshed wedding 0039cossars wineshed wedding 0040cossars wineshed wedding 0041

I LOOOOOOVE this moment!!!
cossars wineshed wedding 0042cossars wineshed wedding 0043cossars wineshed wedding 0045cossars wineshed wedding 0046cossars wineshed wedding 0047cossars wineshed wedding 0048cossars wineshed wedding 0049cossars wineshed wedding 0050cossars wineshed wedding 0052cossars wineshed wedding 0054cossars wineshed wedding 0053cossars wineshed wedding 0055cossars wineshed wedding 0056cossars wineshed wedding 0057cossars wineshed wedding 0058cossars wineshed wedding 0063cossars wineshed wedding 0061cossars wineshed wedding 0062cossars wineshed wedding 0064cossars wineshed wedding 0065cossars wineshed wedding 0067

What an amazing day - thank you guys SO much for choosing me - I had so much fun! x
cossars wineshed wedding 0002

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Photographer: Ladybug Photography by Angela Penn
Venue: Cossars Wineshed
Food: Moveable Feasts
Makeup & Nails - Sakura Beauty
Hair: Trends Hair Design
Band – Ctrl Alt Rock
Flowers: Charmed Flowers – bouquets
               Moffatts – table flowers
Dress: To Cherish
Rings: Via Sollertia

hannah + sam's trents vineyard wedding

Written by on February 13th, 2013.      0 comments

Where do I even BEGIN posting about this beautiful couple? I think I may as well jump right in and show you the photos ...  So many smiles editing these!

When I walked into Hannah's parent's house the first thing I saw were these gorgeous shoes - squeeee!!!!
wedding photography christchurch 0074
wedding photography christchurch 0048

Trying to get into the dress was the first hurdle! Luckily Hannah had 4 gorgeous bridesmaids to help.
wedding photography christchurch 0049

Just stunning, Hannah.
wedding photography christchurch 0050

Hannah puts some finishing touches on her mum.  Yes Vanda, you're caught on camera.  ;D
wedding photography christchurch 0051

Then time for a special thank you gift from Hannah to her bridesmaids.
wedding photography christchurch 0052

And just enough time for some photos with mum and dad.
wedding photography christchurch 0053wedding photography christchurch 0076wedding photography christchurch 0077wedding photography christchurch 0078

Dad Alistair, walks his stunning daughter towards her husband to be.  I love how these guys are holding hands. x
wedding photography christchurch 0058

wedding photography christchurch 0079

Church of Ascension, Mt Pleasant.
wedding photography christchurch 0059wedding photography christchurch 0060

wedding photography christchurch 0084wedding photography christchurch 0080

Caught one of the tea ladies in prayer too...
wedding photography christchurch 0085
wedding photography christchurch 0081

These next two images are when Sam just couldn't help himself and went in for a kiss.  And why wouldn't he?
wedding photography christchurch 0083
wedding photography christchurch 0082

She's not your traditional bride.  And I LOVE that!
wedding photography christchurch 0086

And off to Taylor's Mistake for some fun in the sun!
wedding photography christchurch 0087
wedding photography christchurch 0061wedding photography christchurch 0064wedding photography christchurch 0065wedding photography christchurch 0066

The beach is this couples' favourite place.
wedding photography christchurch 0067

A must-stop-at in Sumner was the knitting container.  I'm not sure Hannah's new love for knitting will take over the surfing though.
wedding photography christchurch 0068

And to Trent's Estate Vineyard.
wedding photography christchurch 0055

wedding photography christchurch 0054

Some of the guests played petanque...
wedding photography christchurch 0069wedding photography christchurch 0070

While others just took some time out.
wedding photography christchurch 0056

The guests were asked to sign ... a surfboard!  Of course!
wedding photography christchurch 0071

Now time for speeches... I knew these were going to be GOOD and I wasn't disappointed!
wedding photography christchurch 0093wedding photography christchurch 0089

Love reflections...
wedding photography christchurch 0095wedding photography christchurch 0096
wedding photography christchurch 0094wedding photography christchurch 0097wedding photography christchurch 0098wedding photography christchurch 0099wedding photography christchurch 0101wedding photography christchurch 0100
wedding photography christchurch 0090wedding photography christchurch 0091wedding photography christchurch 0092

Hannah & Sam - you make such a beautiful couple, you have amazing friends and a wonderful family. I know this because I was constantly asked if I'd had something to eat, a coffee, or if I wanted a seat.  Lovely, lovely people.  You have such a wonderful support network.  I loved your wedding. xxx

When asked what theme Hannah & Sam were having for their wedding, she answered "ummm... Stuff I Like!".

Bride's dress: Lazaro style 3000 (second-hand)
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Hairpiece: Hannah made this herself from scraps of the dress
Hair and Makeup - Mariessa Waddington
Bridesmaids dresses:  Anna Stretton
Guys' suits: Soho 2 piece hired from Sergios
Guys' shirts: Country Road
Flowers: Aromaunga
Church: Church of Ascension, Mt Pleasant
Venue: Trents Estate Vineyard
Band: Assembly Required

pip + geoff's kate sheppard gardens wedding

Written by on February 10th, 2013.      0 comments

Pip and Geoff met at school, and by all accounts it took them a while to get together.  They are avid runners (possibly doing the Boston Marathon soon, huh guys?) & cheese lovers (check out their cake!).  And they had the most amazing wedding.  It was held at Kate Sheppard House & Garden and is absolutely beautiful there.

Pip goes over her vows ...
christchurch wedding photography 0016

While I take some shots of her dress which was made by Amy of Aeon Dressmaking - it is stunning!  Her shoes are from Myer in Brisbane.
christchurch wedding photography 0018

Pip's sister Anna gets ready before helping the bride into her dress.  (I'm a sucker for pointy ballet feet).
christchurch wedding photography 0017

christchurch wedding photography 0015

Then a few family photos inside this gorgeous homestead before the ceremony!
christchurch wedding photography 0014

So I leave the girls to it and sneak outside to get some crowd shots and find some man-love going on!
christchurch wedding photography 0012

Geoff sees his gorgeous bride walking down the path and there's hardly a dry eye in the house.  This great shot of Pip and her dad was taken by my second shooter Oswald from Oswald Photography.  :D
christchurch wedding photography 0021

christchurch wedding photography 0011

christchurch wedding photography 0010

Sometimes it's the little ones who steal the show...
christchurch wedding photography 0009

And sometimes not! (PS I LOVE this shot!).
christchurch wedding photography 0008

christchurch wedding photography 0007christchurch wedding photography 0006christchurch wedding photography 0005christchurch wedding photography 0004christchurch wedding photography 0003

And time for a little giant Jenga.  Boom!
christchurch wedding photography 0002

And the beautiful rings!!!
christchurch wedding photography 0013

Ooh and the cake! It was a cheese cake! Not a cheese cake, cheese cake, but a cake made from 3 types of cheese!  By Canterbury Cheesemongers.
christchurch wedding photography 0001

The full moon that night was a beautiful end to a magic day.  What an honour photographing Pip & Geoff's wedding.  I thought it was pretty perfect and I know they did too. x
christchurch wedding photography 0019

Pip's dress: by Amy of Aeon Dressmaking
Pip's shoes: Myer
Venue: Kate Sheppard House & Garden
Hair: Jem Smalley of Felix Culpa
Makeup:  Callie Sanford
Flowers: Flowers on Holmwood
Cake: Canterbury Cheesemongers
Band: Catherine Wells

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