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the irvine family

Written by Angela Penn on January 24th, 2015.      0 comments

The holiday period is a great time to have family photos taken and I'm normally busy between Christmas and New Year with family portraits. It's a fantastic opportunity to get everyone together and make some memories! Because you never know when you'll see each other next.  Alana's in laws were staying with them over Christmas so she asked me to take a few snaps while they were all together.  :)

I met Alana a few years ago when our boys went to preschool together - but we only really knew each other to say hi.  We've recently re-connected through mutual friends and she is one lovely lady! She owns the fabulous Soho hair salon on Lincoln Road and is uber-talented (and just down right cool).  I really enjoyed our shoot, especially getting this lovely couple shot of her and hubby Marcus.  :)

First up, I thought we'd get the group photo out the way so everyone could relax and mill around... making fun of each other while the individual groups got their photos taken.  It was a scorching hot day and everyone was very patient while I grouped and then regrouped... and then grouped again.  Gotta get it right, right? I don't want a hovering head with no body. Even though "certain people" were trying to hide...
family photographs christchurch 0001

Marcus, his siblings and mum.  :)\
family photographs christchurch 0002-5

Alana & Marcus' boys are DELICIOUS! This is Lucas.
family photographs christchurch 0003

And this is Benji. Aren't they handsome!???
family photographs christchurch 0004

Awww love this one, guys!
family photographs christchurch 0005

family photographs christchurch 0006


Lewis & Faye's engagement shoot - Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Written by Angela Penn on April 8th, 2014.      0 comments

I loved these two gorgeous souls from the minute I met them.  Both so happy and open and just .. well ...downright lovely!

We met up 5 days before their wedding to do their engagement shoot and the weather couldn't have behaved more!

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Keep an eye out for their wedding blog coming soon!!!

jo & mark plus ONE!

Written by on October 16th, 2013.      0 comments

It was the most gorgeous day on Saturday - I had a portrait shoot at home in the morning, the sun was shining, I got my washing out and I was really looking forward to meeting Jo & Mark that afternoon as we'd already had to put off their engagement shoot because of bad weather.  So when I turned up at the gardens, I saw the clouds, heard the thunder and went back to my car for the umbrella.  A little bit of rain was NOT going to put us off!

Meeting them both was fantastic but they I spied an extra pair of cute wee legs (sorry Mark, not yours) and they belonged to the beautiful Isabella, Jo and Mark's gorgeous wee girl.  What a bright spark - this kid has an awesome vocabulary and could probably (in the right situation, where the scary photographer lady wanted to 'borrow' your Dora backpack) talk the hind legs off anyone!  With a dad as lovely as Mark and a mum as beautiful as Jo, this kid is bound for great things.

So off for a trek around the gardens, trying to find some shelter - these raindrops were getting BIG!
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0001

So we set off for our walk...
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0002

And it wouldn't be a walk in the park (haha) without "one... two... THREE!".  I even think I see Mark getting in on the action!
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0003christchurch botanic gardens photography 0004christchurch botanic gardens photography 0005christchurch botanic gardens photography 0006christchurch botanic gardens photography 0007

I LOVE the way Isabella stares adoringly into her daddy's eyes.
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0008christchurch botanic gardens photography 0009christchurch botanic gardens photography 0010

With spring comes new life. Guess what they found by the pond?
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0012christchurch botanic gardens photography 0013christchurch botanic gardens photography 0011christchurch botanic gardens photography 0014

"There she is!".  Says Isabella.
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0015christchurch botanic gardens photography 0016christchurch botanic gardens photography 0018christchurch botanic gardens photography 0019

Look at meeee!
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0020christchurch botanic gardens photography 0021

Gorgeous girl. x
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0022christchurch botanic gardens photography 0023

Then it was time for some engagement photos of mum and dad.... not enough time though - it started pouring down so we called it a day.
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0024christchurch botanic gardens photography 0025

What a gorgeous family.
christchurch botanic gardens photography 0026christchurch botanic gardens photography 0027christchurch botanic gardens photography 0028

Jo, Mark (Chris - haha) and Isabella - I'm so looking forward to your wedding and we don't have to wait too long - November is just around the corner!  xx

To check out Jo & Mark's beautiful wedding, click here!
wedding venue christchurch canterbury langdale vineyard 0074

abbey & isaac's (belated) engagement session!

Written by on September 29th, 2013.      0 comments

Oops I slipped up! I was meant to post this back in March when I actually shot this session but somehow I didn't and I get a message from Abbey today asking if I was going to do a blog post for them - of COURSE, I say!  And here it is...  So this is why the foliage looks so awesomely Autumnal - it's because it WAS Autumn back in March!

These two met at D&A where they were both studying photography. Then Abbey left for a bit and came back and it was all on! Ok, ok, I don't know if it was "all on" but in my head it happened like that.

Anyway skip forward a couple of years and they've stuck together through thick and thin, have been through some amazingly rough patches and have come out the other side ok.  They get married next year at Omarino Wine Park and I cannot wait.  I know it's going to be one of those "get your hankies out" type weddings.  I'll make sure I bring mine.

So we met at the beautiful Christchurch Botanic Gardens and of course it was amazing there with all the leaves on the ground.  (Little did Abbey know what Isaac was going to do...).  When I was editing these photos I kept using my Miss Piggy voice saying "kissy kissy!" the whole time. These guys are so super cute and kissy kissy.

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