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The NZ Woman (Andrea Roberts)

Written by Angela Penn on June 3rd, 2017.      0 comments

This week in the studio I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful and very lovely Andrea from The NZ Woman. I have a feeling we could have chatted all day but the school pickup was calling and we had to go our separate ways. Andrea is a wealth of social media information and has an awesome blog where she's recently interviewed The Bachelor's Matilda Rice.  Here are a few images from our shoot! Click here to read Matilda's interview. x

christchurch glamour photographer 0001christchurch glamour photographer 0002christchurch glamour photographer 0003christchurch glamour photographer 0004christchurch glamour photographer 0005

Azalea's dance session

Written by Angela Penn on February 19th, 2017.      0 comments

You know what? I'm sick of dancing photos where the girl sticks her leg in the air to show how supple she is.  And it's usually accompanied by a big cheesy grin. Dancers are WAY more than cheesy grins and high kicks. A dancer has beautiful arms and hands. A dancer knows how to hold herself. A dancer knows how to be posed and they do EXACTLY what you ask them to do.  Dancers. Are. Awesome.

Here is the extremely awesome Azalea at our shoot on Friday. I love this girl!!!
dance photography christchurch 0001dance photography christchurch 0002

Me: now go en pointe and grab your ankles and turn your head towards me
Azalea: umm haha my hamstrings won't let me
dance photography christchurch 0003

This shot is completely impromptu - it was between shots (well, obviously not if I shot it!).
dance photography christchurch 0004dance photography christchurch 0005dance photography christchurch 0006dance photography christchurch 0007dance photography christchurch 0008dance photography christchurch 0009dance photography christchurch 0010dance photography christchurch 0011dance photography christchurch 0012dance photography christchurch 0013

If you're wanting a session with your aspiring dancer, please contact me angela@ladybugphotography.co.nz
I will bring out the best in your dancer - not all dancers are blessed with fantastic turn our and gorgeous feet. We will find what you're best at and showcase that. xxx

Meet Mac - 10 weeks old!

Written by Angela Penn on November 3rd, 2016.      0 comments

Everyone loves a baby but especially a lovely smiley baby!

Libby & Lachie came to see me last week for some photos of their gorgeous wee boy, Mac.  Check out his eyelashes!
baby photography christchurch 0001baby photography christchurch 0003baby photography christchurch 0005baby photography christchurch 0004baby photography christchurch 0002baby photography christchurch 0006baby photography christchurch 0009baby photography christchurch 0007baby photography christchurch 0011baby photography christchurch 0010

Alyssa & Madelyn

Written by Angela Penn on October 17th, 2016.      0 comments

I had these cuties in the studio a few weeks ago - they were fantastic! Alyssa has those beautiful big brown eyes and wee Madelyn slept like a star!
child & baby photography christchurch 0001child & baby photography christchurch 0003child & baby photography christchurch 0004child & baby photography christchurch 0002

Kelly & Andrew's boys

Written by Angela Penn on October 5th, 2016.      0 comments

I have been shooting this beautiful family since Hadley was a baby and although these guys live a long way away from my studio in Mt Pleasant, they have been so loyal and lovely that they travel all the way to see me for photos every time they have a baby.  I am so grateful and this is why I love my job so much - my clients are SO lovely.

christchurch child & newborn photographer 0001

christchurch child & newborn photographer 0002

Baby Crew
christchurch child & newborn photographer 0004christchurch child & newborn photographer 0005

Andrew and the big boys.
christchurch child & newborn photographer 0006

And now the whole family! Aren't they gorgeous?!
christchurch child & newborn photographer 0007

christchurch child & newborn photographer 0008


Written by Angela Penn on October 1st, 2016.      0 comments

christchurch newborn photographer 0001christchurch newborn photographer 0007christchurch newborn photographer 0004christchurch newborn photographer 0008christchurch newborn photographer 0005christchurch newborn photographer 0006christchurch newborn photographer 0002christchurch newborn photographer 0003


Written by angela penn on September 21st, 2016.      0 comments

This gorgeous wee lady is 6 months old and is just sooo cute!  I shot her mum and dad's engagement shoot, wedding, her baby bump, newborn shoot & now she's a bit sitting up girl!!!
christchurch baby photographer 0001christchurch baby photographer 0002christchurch baby photographer 0003christchurch baby photographer 0004christchurch baby photographer 0005christchurch baby photographer 0006christchurch baby photographer 0007

Baby Vance

Written by angela penn on September 3rd, 2016.      0 comments

This is baby Vance. He is 5th in a line of Vances.  His dad is Vance (or Dad, to baby Vance) and his grandad is old Vance.  Cute huh?  Baby Vance is an adorable wee thing to shoot and I was very excited when he came to see me that he had such a lot of thick, gorgeous hair!  He also makes the most gorgeous wee facials too and I could have photographed him all day.

newborn baby photographer christchurch 0001newborn baby photographer christchurch 0002newborn baby photographer christchurch 0003newborn baby photographer christchurch 0004newborn baby photographer christchurch 0005newborn baby photographer christchurch 0006newborn baby photographer christchurch 0007newborn baby photographer christchurch 0008newborn baby photographer christchurch 0009newborn baby photographer christchurch 0010newborn baby photographer christchurch 0011newborn baby photographer christchurch 0012newborn baby photographer christchurch 0013

Leanne and her boys

Written by Angela Penn on August 31st, 2016.      0 comments

This would have to be one of the best behaved pack of boys I've ever met. I say pack because boys are noisy, smelly and they eat without using utensils, directly off the ground.  Oh, sorry, that was my kid. These boys are amazing and so well behaved - just a pleasure to photograph!  The big boys, Jackson and Maddox absolutely adore their wee brother Boston and it's pretty obvious he adores them right back.

Like most mums we hate having our photos taken but Leanne was a good sport and let me have 30 seconds to shoot her (see the last photo on this blog).  And that's all we needed and now they have a beautiful portrait that the family will enjoy for a lifetime. Something that Leanne's great grandchildren will be able to look back on (and laugh at the funny hairstyles).
baby photographer christchurch 0009
baby photographer christchurch 0001baby photographer christchurch 0003baby photographer christchurch 0004baby photographer christchurch 0005baby photographer christchurch 0006baby photographer christchurch 0007-302baby photographer christchurch 0008

Baby Beatrix

Written by angela penn on August 27th, 2016.      0 comments

This wee pet came to see me 2 weeks ago for her newborn shoot - and what a wee angel! She slept most of the time and was just so good!  She's got the most beautiful long fingers too!

It's pretty fair to say her mum and dad are over the moon about her and so is her grandma, Diane who came up for the shoot as well. I always love seeing grandparents getting involved in the photo shoot. :)

newborn photographer christchurch 0001newborn photographer christchurch 0002newborn photographer christchurch 0003newborn photographer christchurch 0004newborn photographer christchurch 0005newborn photographer christchurch 0006newborn photographer christchurch 0007newborn photographer christchurch 0008newborn photographer christchurch 0009newborn photographer christchurch 0010newborn photographer christchurch 0011newborn photographer christchurch 0012newborn photographer christchurch 0013newborn photographer christchurch 0014

Ashton's 9 month Baby Grow session

Written by Angela Penn on April 7th, 2016.      0 comments

I love it when Ashton visits the studio - he's super duper cute and gorgeous and smiley!
christchurch baby photographer 0001christchurch baby photographer 0005christchurch baby photographer 0002christchurch baby photographer 0004christchurch baby photographer 0003

Till next time, gorgeous boy! x

Amanda & Simon are having a baby!

Written by Angela Penn on February 3rd, 2016.      0 comments

The Christchurch Botanic Gardens are beautiful at this time of year - actually they're beautiful ANY time of year but there is lots of awesome green and other gorgeous colours going on at the moment!
pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0001pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0002pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0003pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0004pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0005pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0006pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0007pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0008pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0009pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0010pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0011pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0012pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0013pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0014pregnancy photography christchurch gardens 0015

Scotties in the park!

Written by Angela Penn on January 20th, 2016.      0 comments

Sam not only called herself a Scottie, but a "mad Scottie" so it was a good idea we shot in the park to let them run loose.  Joking aside, Sam has been coming to see me for photographs for a couple of years now, starting with her pregnancy shoot when she was carrying wee Johnnie!  Her sister Faye, was over from Scotland so they made the most of the holidays and the hot weather!
chch botanic gardens photographer 0001chch botanic gardens photographer 0002chch botanic gardens photographer 0003chch botanic gardens photographer 0004chch botanic gardens photographer 0005chch botanic gardens photographer 0006chch botanic gardens photographer 0007chch botanic gardens photographer 0019chch botanic gardens photographer 0008chch botanic gardens photographer 0009chch botanic gardens photographer 0010chch botanic gardens photographer 0011chch botanic gardens photographer 0012chch botanic gardens photographer 0013chch botanic gardens photographer 0014chch botanic gardens photographer 0015chch botanic gardens photographer 0016chch botanic gardens photographer 0018chch botanic gardens photographer 0017

Miss Mia

Written by Angela Penn on December 8th, 2015.      0 comments

Miss Mia has been coming to see me for the past year and recently she just completed her Baby Grow programme with me!  Such a gorgeous wee thing.  Here are the images her family have chosen from her last session, including a cake smash!

studio family photographer christchurch 0010

studio family photographer christchurch 0011

studio family photographer christchurch 0012

studio family photographer christchurch 0013

studio family photographer christchurch 0014

studio family photographer christchurch 0015

studio family photographer christchurch 0016

studio family photographer christchurch 0017

The beautiful Thomson kids!

Written by Angela Penn on December 3rd, 2015.      0 comments

Shooting this family of four is always a challenge and I'm always up for a challenge!  They were at the studio recently for my world-famous-in-Christchurch minishoot sessions!
studio family photographer christchurch 0001

The boys are sooo handsome!
studio family photographer christchurch 0004

studio family photographer christchurch 0002

studio family photographer christchurch 0003

studio family photographer christchurch 0005

studio family photographer christchurch 0008

studio family photographer christchurch 0009

studio family photographer christchurch 0007

I love this crazy lot. x

The delicious Huband family!

Written by Angela Penn on November 5th, 2015.      0 comments

Yes, these guys are delicious and mum Sheyna and dad Cam make the most ADORABLE babies!
christchurch family photographer 0001

christchurch family photographer 0002

christchurch family photographer 0003

christchurch family photographer 0004

christchurch family photographer 0005

christchurch family photographer 0006christchurch family photographer 0007


Amelia & Charlie Hill

Written by Angela Penn on November 2nd, 2015.      0 comments

I shot Amelia & Charlie's parents' wedding which seemed like an age ago - well it was just before the February earthquake so I've been shooting these guys for a while now! They have the most beautiful wee kiddies!  Here are a few images from their minishoot last week.

christchurch child & family photographer 0001

christchurch child & family photographer 0002

christchurch child & family photographer 0003

christchurch child & family photographer 0004

christchurch child & family photographer 0005

christchurch child & family photographer 0007

christchurch child & family photographer 0006

christchurch child & family photographer 0008

Till next time, beautiful Hill family! x

Baby Luke

Written by Angela Penn on October 29th, 2015.      0 comments

This is Luke at 16 days old.  Isn't he just gorgeous?!

I also love getting the chance to use my beautiful curly wool photo props from Jane at Flovelies (last two images).
christchurch newborn photographer 0005christchurch newborn photographer 0004christchurch newborn photographer 0003christchurch newborn photographer 0001christchurch newborn photographer 0002

Julia & Nick's City engagement shoot

Written by Angela Penn on September 13th, 2015.      0 comments

Julia & Nick are cafe/cycle buffs so it was only fitting we started our shoot at The Caffeine Laboratory in New Regent Street and cruise around the city for some cool spots!  It's amazing how you sometimes don't notice the blank, empty places in Christchurch until you see them from above (shot from the Rendezvous Hotel) but there sure are some wonderful things happening in our beautiful city.

christchurch city engagement 0001

christchurch city engagement 0002

christchurch city engagement 0003

christchurch city engagement 0004

christchurch city engagement 0005

christchurch city engagement 0006

christchurch city engagement 0007

christchurch city engagement 0008

christchurch city engagement 0009

christchurch city engagement 0010

christchurch city engagement 0011

christchurch city engagement 0012

christchurch city engagement 0013

christchurch city engagement 0014

christchurch city engagement 0015

christchurch city engagement 0016

christchurch city engagement 0017

christchurch city engagement 0018

Julia & Nick - you guys were awesome! Can't wait to come back into town to shoot the wedding!  :)

Jess & Mike's First Day of "Spring" engagemement session

Written by Angela Penn on September 1st, 2015.      0 comments

You'll notice the word Spring in my title is in inverted commas.  That means it wasn't Spring weather at all. In fact it was more like middle-of-winter weather.  BUT IT WAS STILL AWESOME!  I actually really love shooting in this type of weather - I think it kind of makes you stretch yourself a little bit more creatively.  You know you've only got a limited amount of time so there's pressure to get some great shots.  Or one shot at least! 

I'd met Jess & Mike once before at Amanda & Simon's wedding where Mike was a groomsman. Jess had told me she doesn't really enjoy getting her photo taken (I get this comment a LOT) so I wasn't sure how she'd cope with a full on photo shoot and a big camera.  Wow, I had nothing to worry about - these guys are awesome in front of the camera and just so natural!

rapaki bay engagement photographs 0001rapaki bay engagement photographs 0002rapaki bay engagement photographs 0003rapaki bay engagement photographs 0005rapaki bay engagement photographs 0006rapaki bay engagement photographs 0008rapaki bay engagement photographs 0009rapaki bay engagement photographs 0010rapaki bay engagement photographs 0012rapaki bay engagement photographs 0013rapaki bay engagement photographs 0016rapaki bay engagement photographs 0018

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