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Kylie & Lynnee's super smiley, fun, emotional, perfect Langdales wedding

Written by angela penn on April 13th, 2016.      0 comments

From the moment I met these two I wanted to shoot their wedding.  They are super sweet and love to laugh. They are perfect for each other.
langdale wedding 0001

I started the day off at the girls' place where Lynnee and her bridesmaids were getting ready.
langdale wedding 0006
langdale wedding 0002langdale wedding 0003langdale wedding 0004langdale wedding 0005
langdale wedding 0007

langdale wedding 0008

Around at Cashmere, Kylie & her bridesmaids were getting ready.
langdale wedding 0009

Look at that gorgeous smile!
langdale wedding 0010langdale wedding 0011langdale wedding 0012langdale wedding 0013

langdale wedding 0073

And now for the big reveal. But first, Kylie needs to be blindfolded!
langdale wedding 0016langdale wedding 0017langdale wedding 0018langdale wedding 0019langdale wedding 0074langdale wedding 0020langdale wedding 0021langdale wedding 0022langdale wedding 0023langdale wedding 0024langdale wedding 0025langdale wedding 0026

And then out to Langdales to get married!!!
langdale wedding 0027langdale wedding 0028

This was really great - introducing the bridesmaids with a bit of a bio.  :)
langdale wedding 0030langdale wedding 0031langdale wedding 0036langdale wedding 0032langdale wedding 0033langdale wedding 0038langdale wedding 0034langdale wedding 0039langdale wedding 0040langdale wedding 0041langdale wedding 0043langdale wedding 0044langdale wedding 0047langdale wedding 0048langdale wedding 0049langdale wedding 0050langdale wedding 0052langdale wedding 0072langdale wedding 0054langdale wedding 0061langdale wedding 0062langdale wedding 0063langdale wedding 0064langdale wedding 0056langdale wedding 0057langdale wedding 0065langdale wedding 0058

This young guy was sitting at our table - check out those eyes!
langdale wedding 0060langdale wedding 0067langdale wedding 0068langdale wedding 0069langdale wedding 0070langdale wedding 0071

Photography - Angela Penn
Venus : langdales winery and restaurant
Dresses: brides of merivale
Hair: Kelly sheppard
Make-up: chrystal o'brien
Shoes: street legal
Wedding and engagement rings: Michael hill
SprayTans: NS nails and sunless tanning
Cake: just desserts
Bridesmaid dresses: Jacqui E
Hair pieces: grace and lace



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Angela Penn is a member of the NZIPP & qualified portrait photographer in Christchurch, New Zealand and is absolutely passionate about photographing people.



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