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Rachelle & Leon's Flock Hill wedding

Written by Angela Penn on November 25th, 2014.      0 comments

Rachelle met Leon when he used to come into the electrical supply shop she worked at in Timaru.  He worked for his dad and whenever the two of them went in for more supplies, Rachelle (according to Leon's dad) gave them great service. Apparently not so great when Leon wasn't there!  Anyway, a few years and two beautiful children later, here they are tying the know!

It was a stunning day for Rachelle and Leon's wedding at Flock Hill, albeit a tad windy so luckily they had plan B which meant the ceremony was to be held on the flat (just as beautiful but more intimate).

I started off with the girls at Castle Hill, while Erin (Inspire Images) headed straight to Flock Hill to shoot the details and see what the boys were up to.

flock hill canterbury weddingflock hill canterbury wedding3flock hill canterbury wedding53
flock hill canterbury wedding4

This gorgeous young man is the couple's son, Connor.  He was a bit shy of me at first and then I pulled out the silly faces and farty noises.
flock hill canterbury wedding5

And Miss Bridget is Connor's beautiful older sister.
flock hill canterbury wedding6flock hill canterbury wedding8flock hill canterbury wedding7

Connor tried to have a wee sleep while getting his hair cut!
flock hill canterbury wedding10

And then it's time for Rachelle to get dressed - her mum's reaction is gorgeous.
flock hill canterbury wedding12flock hill canterbury wedding13

Rachelle's bridesmaid, Alena joins the fun!
flock hill canterbury wedding14flock hill canterbury wedding14aflock hill canterbury wedding16
flock hill canterbury wedding11flock hill canterbury wedding15

These kids are AMAZING - so well behaved! A testament to their parents. :)
flock hill canterbury wedding20flock hill canterbury wedding17flock hill canterbury wedding18flock hill canterbury wedding19

Meanwhile, over at Flock Hill....
flock hill canterbury wedding27
flock hill canterbury wedding21

Rachelle is a very clever girl. She made all these gorgeous details, right down to hundreds (yes hundreds and hundreds!) of love hearts, made out of old books and maps (she likes to read, he travels for work).
flock hill canterbury wedding22flock hill canterbury wedding23flock hill canterbury wedding24flock hill canterbury wedding25flock hill canterbury wedding26flock hill canterbury wedding28flock hill canterbury wedding29flock hill canterbury wedding30flock hill canterbury wedding31flock hill canterbury wedding32flock hill canterbury wedding33flock hill canterbury wedding34flock hill canterbury wedding35flock hill canterbury wedding36flock hill canterbury wedding37flock hill canterbury wedding38flock hill canterbury wedding47flock hill canterbury wedding39flock hill canterbury wedding48flock hill canterbury wedding41flock hill canterbury wedding42flock hill canterbury wedding50flock hill canterbury wedding54flock hill canterbury wedding40

Off to the reception...
flock hill canterbury wedding43\

Lolly cake!!!
flock hill canterbury wedding44flock hill canterbury wedding45

Time for a daddy-daughter dance.  You're never too old (or too young) to dance with your dad.
flock hill canterbury wedding51flock hill canterbury wedding49flock hill canterbury wedding52

Photographer: Angela Penn - Ladybug Photography
Second shooter: Erin McLean - Inspire Images
Makeup: Beautiful Makeup
Hair: Simpatico Private Hair Studio
Band: Pocket Aces -
Chair sashes at reception: Interior Flair
Logs/saws/tin buckets for flowers/drink baths: Rusted Lace
Menu board & black easle only: Acropolis Wedding
Table seating chart/frames: brought from warehouse & sister decorated.
Ceremony: Hessian chair bows at alter, mini jars, green jars & Reception: mini jars/twine/tealights, mason jars & lights, doilie bunting, drink dispensers, cards box:
Greenery/single roses at reception: Bloom Brokers
Brides boots: Durango Crush Heart & Shoes: Overlands
Dress: Davis Bridal Chch
Maids dresses: Forhim&Forher
Mens suits: Munns
Brides veil/ribbon & flowergirl bead collar - all Ebay
Maids peacock feather clips & paige boy tractor bow tie- Etsy
Brides flowers/fg & mens buttons: Ilam Forist
Brides nails:
Speaker & Mic hire:
Holiday house to get ready & honeymoon night: Castle Hill
Guest book scrapbook materials (I made it up): paper teapot
Brides hair piece & bangle & flower girls comb: Grace n Lace
Brides necklace - Brides grandmas from her wedding day.
Favour bags/name place cards: Typo & GirlGuide biscuits online
All photos printed including pics for mini frames: Hornby Camera
Wedding cake: Lolly log, 8 double batches - made by the bride xx YUM!


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