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vicky & mark's akaroa wedding at mt vernon lodge

Written by Angela Penn on February 8th, 2015.      0 comments

I had the very great pleasure of photographing Vicky & Mark's wedding on the 27th January in Akaroa - a place I LOVE to be and LOVE to shoot. My friend Paul Tatterson was second shooting and it was very cool to be able to hang out with him and shoot (plus I scored his fantastic images!).

Here's how Vicky & Mark's day panned out...

Vicky is a very clever girl and made lots of things on the wedding day including the girls' gorgeous bouquets!  Vicky's included some beautiful family heirlooms.
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The couple swapped presents and love letters before the ceremony, without seeing each other.  Very cute.
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Mark and Vicky received some awesome videos from friends and family from the UK. I don't what it is about UK humour but I think it's the best.  (I could be a little biased as I'm born in the UK).

akaroa wedding 2015 0036akaroa wedding 2015 0038akaroa wedding 2015 0037

My little helper lets me get my lighting sorted.... and then we're ready for the first dance!  Assembly Required are awesome, as usual.
akaroa wedding 2015 0039akaroa wedding 2015 0040akaroa wedding 2015 0041

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VENDORS (in alphabetical order)

Band: Assembly Required
Catering: Moveable Feasts
Celebrant: Danielle Bartlett -
Hair & makeup: Denise Langrope - Akaroa Hair Studio
Lighthouse man: Kevin Templeton - 027 434 6971
Nails: Hayley - 020 401 54021
Photographer: Angela Penn
Second shooter:  Paul Tatterson
Venue: Mt Vernon Lodge


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