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I believe your wedding day should be fun and relaxed. All too often we're so busy rushing around trying to give ourselves the 'perfect' day, we forget to stop and enjoy it. If you are happy and having fun, your photos will reflect this. You want to look back on your wedding day saying "wow, what an awesome day", not "gee could I have looked more anxious?".

Having a wedding photographer you like really helps on the day.  They should be able to put you and your guests at ease and make the whole process fun and memorable.  It's not just about taking a great photo, it's about people skills too!

Not a lot of people enjoy having their photo taken.  But I've had so many couples write to me and say how much they loved their time in front of the camera that it can't be all that bad, right?  I know that most adults need a little direction - even the couples who say they don't want posed, forced photos need a bit of guidance.  As a photographer, you need to be able to help people feel comfortable so that you get the best out of your photos.

For the brides out there ... you are not only going to look gorgeous but you will FEEL stunning on your big day and this will show in your photos.  I bet you anything you will love posing for the camera as you and your new husband's first moments of your new life together are captured.

Your photographs are the only thing you'll have left to remember your wedding day, so choose your photographer wisely and make sure you HAVE FUN!

Want to take me for a test drive?  Engagement shoots are a great way to get to know me (and for me to get to know you).  They are $350for an hour shoot, and you get 30 full resolution files in with your wedding photos. 

If you'd like to chat about your wedding plans, I'd love to hear from you.  x


Meet Angela

Angela Penn is a member of the NZIPP & qualified portrait photographer in Christchurch, New Zealand and is absolutely passionate about photographing people.



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Mob:   0274 887 544

Email:   hi@ladybug.nz

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