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what style are you looking for?

I think the biggest reason you'd want to book a photographer would be you like their style, right? So how do you decide if you like their style?

There have been a lot of fads over the years (don't even get me started on spot colour).  The grainy, film look is all the rage at the moment and whilst this works for a lot of photographers (and their work is AMAZING) I find it doesn't work for me.

So how would I describe my style?  Classic, & clean I think.  That's what I see anyway! You may see something different - you may see bright & vibrant or soft and mellow. However you describe it, I think the less you do to an image the better, for me.  You want your images to speak for themselves, and stay timeless. 

A lot of trends will come and go and you want to be proud to have your beautiful framed print on the wall for years, and not to say 'yes, well, our photographer was going through a bit of an Instragram/filter stage when they shot our wedding'.   I'm also finding that the longer I do this, the less & less I like to do to my images - and that's not to say I'm being lazy - I just don't see the need for overly-filtered photos when you know that in 10 years time it might look like a piece of crap!  .... I just like them nice and natural.  I want your wedding colours to look like your wedding colours. Not a muted version. You picked your colours for a reason, right?

A lot of images depend on the light a the time. You'll more often get that beautiful, soft creamy look when you have gorgeous low evening light and maybe more contrasty images when shooting in the midday sun.

Anyway, that's my two cents worth!

Want to take me for a test drive?  Engagement shoots are a great way to get to know me (and for me to get to know you).  They are $250 for a half hour shoot, and you get 10+ full resolution files in a Dropbox folder.  If you go ahead and book me for your wedding, you get a $200 print credit on your wedding images.


Meet Angela

Angela Penn is a member of the NZIPP & qualified portrait photographer in Christchurch, New Zealand and is absolutely passionate about photographing people.



Contact Angela

Mob:   0274 887 544

Email:   hi@ladybug.nz

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